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Slingin’ Hash: SC BBQ News for Week Ending 10/1/16

South Carolina BBQ News

Want to become a BBQ Pitmaster? Well, how about just getting better at making BBQ?

Bucky’s BBQ in Greenville is hosting a class to help you learn to cook BBQ (or learn to cook it better).  Cooking ribs, brisket, pork and chicken will be taught, along with rubs and sauces.

Class is Oct. 24. Sign up today!


This week Cain’s BBQ posted a link to an article by SCNow about the Florence BBQ landmark that was published back in May. The article touches on the history of Cain’s and its family roots. A good read.

Spoon University published its take on the 11 Best BBQ Joints in SC.

Looks like they don’t get out of the midlands much, but for what it’s worth:

In episode 8 of The Winnow podcast, Hanna Raskin talks with Rodney Scott about his new Charleston restaurant. A good interview in which Scott reveals some new menu items he has planned and how he hopes to contribute to the neighborhood.

Chef Sarah McClure of Southside Smokehouse and Grille in Landrum continues to make news. Her pimento cheese and fried green tomato burger was featured by WLOS.

The story includes McClure’s pimento cheese recipe and a photo gallery.

Here is the video:



SCBBQ Festivals and Competitions

The remaining October BBQ Events in SC. All are being judged by the SCBA.

Hook and Cook Festival (SCBA) — Oct. 21-22 in the town of Jackson, in the Augusta area.

Chili, Brews and BBQ (SCBA) — Oct. 21-22 takes place in the heart of downtown Florence.

Trojan Cook-Off (SCBA) — Oct. 28-29 being held at Anderson University, in Anderson, of course.

From the Archives

Lake High, the founder and president of the SC Barbeque Association, an organization we have a great deal of respect for, laid out a strong case for the fact that SC is very likely the Birthplace of Barbeque.

Because of a fortuitous confluence of events, barbecue was born here on the coast of SC. The Spanish brought pigs and the natives practiced the art of cooking low and slow.

It was the first time in history that the pig was in the same vicinity of those who cooked whole animals over a wood fire, and these are the two primary elements of barbecue. Read more at the link above.

Here is Lake’s book:



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After exchanging a few tweets and emails with MailChimp, our email service provider, we were told it was because of some strange combination of events.

As you may know, my primary email address is [email protected] This is the address that I include as the return address on all the emails we send out through MailChimp.

Well, AT&T and Yahoo (and their subsidiary companies) apparently felt the need to verify all the links in emails sent by anyone whose return address was from

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