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Slingin’ Hash: SC BBQ News for Week Ending 9/24/16

South Carolina BBQ News

No bigger news in SCBBQ this past week than the passing of BBQ legend Jackie Hite of Jackie Hite’s BBQ in Leesville.

On a personal level, Hite’s is among the elite BBQ places we’ve tried in our years of covering SCBBQ. While his strong mustard sauce was frankly too “mustardy” for our palate, there is no denying “Mr. Jackie” was making True ‘Cue the way that God intended.

Here are some of the stories about Hite that published this week:

From Hite’s Facebook page, Jackie’s “last ride through town.”


Susan Ardis, food writer at The State, published this article on Hite’s passing, which included the video embedded below:


ColaDaily published this remembrance of Hite.


In Other South Carolina BBQ News

Simple Question: Is Charleston the Future of Barbecue?  Robert F. Moss, BBQ Editor of Southern Living and longtime food writer with the Charleston City Paper, takes a deep look at the BBQ scene in Charleston.


Last week, Hanna Raskin’s review of Lewis BBQ was released, earning Lewis 4 stars. This week, Lewis posted a link to the photo gallery that went along with the review. Enjoy (and Yum)…


Pulled Pork or Brisket? The Greenville Journal interviewed Lewis and Home Team’s Aaron Siegel who are both participating in the Euphoria Food and Wine Festival which took place yesterday. Among the questions asked: Which is better, beef brisket or pulled pork? Find out now:


Mustard sauce isn’t the only BBQ accompaniment unique to SC. Hash is another one, and finding good hash just got easier:



The Cooking with Fire podcast, in conjunction with KMUW in Wichita, published their take on Carolina BBQ along with a couple of recipes.

SCBBQ Festivals and Competitions

Four BBQ competitions in SC next weekend, Sept. 30 – Oct. 1., two judged by the SCBA, one by the SBN and one by the KCBS.

The Town of Gaston is hosting its annual Gaston Collard and Barbeque Festival (SCBA).

The Griller’s Cup (SCBA) takes place at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Broadway at the Beach is where you’ll find Smoke on the Beach (SBN).

Squealin’ on the Square (KCBS) will be taking place in Laurens at the Courthouse Square.

From the Archives


Seems only appropriate that we come full circle and end where we began: with Jackie Hite.

On August 2, 2012, we dropped by Jackie Hite’s BBQ in Leesville on our way to a Braves game in Atalanta. You will find that we didn’t love the BBQ. I’d like to clarify that it wasn’t that the BBQ was bad or poorly cooked at all.  Hite cooks whole hog BBQ over wood coals, which is our ideal.

What threw us in those early days was the strong mustard sauce that I mentioned above. This was our first experience with it. Hite’s sauce is akin to what you would find in a bottle of French’s mustard, without much alteration. I like mustard BBQ sauce, and my wife makes the best mustard sauce I’ve ever tasted, but I will confess to not caring much for the strong mustards you get at places like Hite’s and Cannon’s in Little Mountain.

I have also heard the best time to visit is during lunch on Fridays as you get o pick from a half hog and the mustard sauce is not as strong as it is straight from the buffet.

So while the pungent sauce flavored our opinion of the BBQ, be certain that the meat itself is cooked the way it should be…and the sides. Delicious.