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South Carolina Barbecue Quiz

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Up for a Challenge?

Just how much do you know about barbecue? Ok…what about South Carolina Barbecue? Put yourself to the test with your South Carolina Barbecue quiz selection below.

We’ll start out with our restaurant quiz and over time add additional quizzes to challenge you and test your knowledge.

As we said, in our first quiz, we’ll test your knowledge of South Carolina Barbecue restaurants.

SC BBQ joints cover the state. At last count there were well over 300 restaurants from the mountains to the coast.

What are the odds that you know more than a small handful of them? What are the chances you could pass if we put you to the test?

I mean come on. Folks know their neighborhood restaurants, sure. And those who travel a lot may be privy to some of those special places that most have never heard of, but do you really think you know enough about SC BBQ to even get a passing grade?

Consider the following: South Carolina has been cooking BBQ since the 1500s…actually before there was a South Carolina.

Some have argued South Carolina is the birthplace of barbecue. Whether that’s true or not, we’ve been cooking it for a while.

And while our restaurants certainly have a shorter history, it is a rich and diverse one. So, there is lots we could challenge you on.

First South Carolina Barbecue Quiz

However, we tried to make our first South Carolina Barbecue quiz a reasonable test of your skills. If you can answer questions like the following, you might stand a chance:

What restaurant is known for its whole-hog, wood-cooked, vinegar-based BBQ? Which one isn’t?

What restaurant has been around for over 50 years? And which newer SC BBQ joint got its start with Winston Cup racing?

How much do you actually know about South Carolina BBQ restaurants? How familiar are you with those places outside of your footprint?

Let’s find out:

Have a great idea for our next South Carolina Barbecue quiz? Share your thoughts in the comments below.