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Running Destination BBQ is a labor of love.

I create, write for, and maintain the site simply because I enjoy doing it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t costs involved or additional things I could do to support and promote SC BBQ if there was better funding.

I Love (Heart) SC BBQ

For instance, I actually once created a SC BBQ Marketplace. It was like a mini-Amazon just for South Carolina barbecue vendors.

Unfortunately, the “forever-free” platform I built it on, shut down its free tier about a month after we “soft launched” it. As a result, I had to shut it down because I simply couldn’t afford even their cheapest plan.

I have a number of ideas on my wish list, including hiring writers to help create even more SC BBQ coverage, but seems like most of them would like to be paid.

If you’d like to help support us in our endeavors to cover and promote all aspects of South Carolina barbecue, consider making a monthly or one-time donation using the form below.



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