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SC BBQ Recipes: Going Whole Hog

Collection of authentic SC BBQ sauces, meats, hash, sides, and desserts

  • Old Family Recipes: Great reader-submitted recipes that have been in their families for generations. Read their stories and try their recipes.
  • Helpful Pitmaster Tips & Secrets: Recipes and techniques from some of SC’s most respected pitmasters, including John Lewis, Rodney Scott, and Aaron Siegel.
  • Great SC BBQ Restaurants: Recipes from the good folks at Bessinger’s, Bullies, Cherrywood, Lewis, Price’s, Rodney Scott’s, Swig and Swine, and others.
  • Whole Hog BBQ, Pit Building, and More: SCBBQ history, whole hog bbq principles, cinder block pit building plans, and much more included.
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“300 pages of authentic recipes that go back generations along with recipes from some of SC’s most popular pitmasters have been assembled into this first-ever collection dedicated to SCBBQ. Amazing sauce, sides, meat, and hash recipes that you will find nowhere else. Plus, enjoy great features on the people, histories, and traditions that make South Carolina barbecue special.”

— James Roller

Sample of Recipes

Sauces and Rubs

Dukes-style mustard sauce, Eastern SC vinegar-pepper sauce, Honey Hickory tomato-based sauce, Alabama white sauce, and even brisket Mojo sauce. Just a few of the four dedicated sections of delicious sauce recipes. Plus, we include a full section on rub recipes from the likes of John Lewis, Home Team BBQ and more.


Yellow hash popular in the Midlands and Lowcountry, Red hash found in places like Sumter, and even beef hash that is common in the Upstate, we have recipes for hash like you will find at great SCBBQ restaurants like Dukes, Ward’s, and Midway.


From whole hog to individual cuts like butts, shoulders, and ribs, we have recipes for it all. Heck, we’ve even thrown in a few chicken recipes. And there’s even beef recipes from brisket to Maurice’s meatloaf!

Sides and Desserts

You’ll find standards like collards, corn, pork rinds, coleslaw, baked beans, and mac and cheese along with classic SC dishes like chicken bog and purlieu, catfish stew, and chicken mull. Sides help make the meal, and we share recipes from Rodney Scott, Swig and Swine, John Lewis, and Price’s, among others. The dessert section is crowded with cobblers, pies, and cakes, but also things like pralines and other surprises.

Recipe list from cookbook
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Quick Look Inside

What Folks are Saying

Below are five randomly chosen notes from book owners who wrote in to tell us what they think of the book. Refresh the page to see five new ones!

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All the Recipes!

I really like all the recipes from some of my favorite BBQ restaurants. Since I live several hours away from them, I can cook some of my favorite BBQ and hash and eat it more often. You need to buy this book. It is great. You won’t regret it.

John Shealy

Good Looking Book

Book is full of great stories and recipes. If you like BBQ, then get this book!

Robert Luthet

Going Whole Hog is Wonderful

Going Whole Hog is so much more than I expected when I ordered three copies (two to be used as gifts):

— The first impression is that it is much larger and a higher quality book than I had anticipated. Both very impressive.

— The second big impression is the breadth of the subject matter. It seems to touch every aspect of a fine South Carolina BBQ presentation and dining experience. Extremely comprehensive.

— Third, and I haven’t had to explore this yet, there are a large number of links to additional related information. It is a resource to the whole subject area.

Jim should be very proud of this beautiful book.

Phil Lantz


The purchasing process went flawlessly, and I got my link almost immediately. I love the book! Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to future editions. I am an active member of SCBA, SBN, GBA, KCBS, and the SCA. I judge and marshal many events. I found the book both informative and useful. I plan to try most, if not all the recipes therein.

Rod Nixon - BBQ Judge and Marshall

WOW!! Much more than I Expected!

A masterful collection of everything anyone would want to know about barbeque in South Carolina – History, Insights, Techniques and Recipes! Tons of Recipes! I’m very impressed with the production, the verbiage, the photos and the recipes. You’ll want to try every recipe!

Tom Matthey

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Tom Smith

Friday 9th of February 2024

I learned about this book while surfing the internet about BBQ places in South Carolina. Although I missed the pre-order deadline I was put on the wait list. Within a couple of weeks I received my book. If you are serious about BBQ this is the book to have. The book starts with the origins of BBQ and the dark side of BBQ. It includes recipes from businesses both open and closed as well as from individuals. Recipes include rubs, sauces, hash, whole hog, beef, poultry, sides and desserts. I have read the beginning of the book and started looking at the recipes. I am so impressed with the book that I ordered the PDF version. I have a house in both NY and SC and wanted to be sure I have the recipes no matter where I am. I plan on using this book for years to come.

James Roller

Monday 12th of February 2024

@Tom Smith, I appreciate the kind words and I am glad you're enjoying the book. Thanks!

Andrew Jobe

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

Jim and Heather, As I said in other reviews what a great book. Well written, great photos , history and great recipes. By locals for locals. As a native South Carolinian I have grown up on all four varieties of sauces and love them all.

The recipes, especially Pork, are excellent and you can personalize to make them unique. The hash recipes are a part of our culture that ties us together. A non South Carolinian may have a hard time with hash, until you try it and then you will be hooked.

A Great book and well worth the price. Not only great recipes and history but a map to sample what makes SC BBQ unique

James Roller

Sunday 4th of February 2024

Thanks for the kind words, Andrew. Glad you are enjoying the book!

Bob Wenberg

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

Got my Hard Cover book 2 days ago and I have to say its AWESOME! High quality, great history, great stories and great recipes. Well worth the price, it truly is something anyone who makes real BBQ should own. Thanks so much for making this master piece. Bob, Portland, Oregon.

James Roller

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

@Bob Wenberg, wow...thank you. I am humbled. Funny, when I was putting this book together I never imagined it traveling far beyond the borders of SC. I know there are SC natives all over the place, but Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho and even one in The Netherlands. Just crazy. Thanks so much and enjoy.

Jack Springs

Sunday 28th of January 2024

I bought four books and gave three away to good friends as a late Christmas gift. I think the book is great. Love the history lesson that goes along with the great recipes. James you did a great job, as you say putting it together. Families will enjoy this book for many years... Thank you!!

James Roller

Monday 29th of January 2024

@Jack Springs, thanks for the kind words. Glad it finally arrived and that it meets your expectations!

Harvey Terry

Saturday 27th of January 2024

I just got my autographed book, a Christmas present from my wife, 60 minutes ago. Having skimmed through it, reading bits and pieces, I LOVE IT! It is beautifully done and can’t wait to try some of the recipes! It is better than I thought it would be! Thank you!

James Roller

Monday 29th of January 2024

@Harvey Terry, thank you, sir! You're very kind. Glad you approve and hope your wife enjoys it as much as you do!