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SC BBQ Recipes: Going Whole Hog

Collection of authentic SC BBQ sauces, meats, hash, and sides

  • Old Family Recipes: Great reader-submitted recipes that have been in their family’s for generations. Read their stories and try their recipes.
  • Helpful Pitmasters’ Secrets: Recipes and techniques from some of SC’s most respected pitmasters, including John Lewis, Rodney Scott, and more.
  • Great SC BBQ Restaurants: Recipes from the good folks at Bessinger’s, Bullies, Cherrywood, Lewis, Price’s, Rodney Scott’s, Swig and Swine, and more.
  • Whole Hog BBQ, Pit Building, and More: SCBBQ history, whole hog bbq principles, cinder block pit building plans, and much more included.

“Authentic recipes that go back generations along with recipes from some of SC’s most popular pitmasters have been assembled into this first-ever collection dedicated to SCBBQ. Amazing sauce, sides, meat, and hash recipes that you will find nowhere else and that will help take your BBQ to the next level.”

— James Roller
SC BBQ Cookbook Cover
SCBBQ Cookbook Cover

Sample of the Recipes You’ll Find in Each Section

Sauces and Rubs

Dukes-style mustard sauce, Eastern SC vinegar-pepper sauce, Honey Hickory tomato-based sauce, Alabama white sauce, even brisket Mojo sauce. Just a few of the over 20 delicious sauce recipes. Plus, we include 7 rub recipes from the likes of John Lewis and Home Team BBQ.


Yellow hash popular in the Midlands and Lowcountry, Red hash found in places like Sumter, and even the Beef hash that is common in the Upstate, we have recipes for hash like you will find at great SCBBQ restaurants like Dukes, Ward’s, and Midway.


From whole hog to individual cuts like butts, shoulders and ribs, we have recipes for it all. Heck, we’ve even thrown in a few chicken recipes.

Sides and Desserts

Collards, fried corn, pork rinds, coleslaw, beans with brisket, mac and cheese and much more. Sides help make the meal and we have recipes from Rodney Scott, Swig and Swine, John Lewis, and Price’s, among others.

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What Folks are Saying

Took a lot of Hard Work

What I liked most about the cookbook was the bbq sauces - this took a lot of hard work. It's worth the money. Buy the cookbook, you won't find one any better. I have tried a couple of the sauces - they were real good!

John Dowis

Can't Go Wrong

Great recipes. If you like BBQ, you can't go wrong.

Mike Diamond

Interesting Reading

This cookbook was interesting reading on facts If you want to know more about regional BBQ, buy it. Worth the price. I prefer mustard sauces, make my own and always looking for ideas to make it better. However, I'm not sold on that BBQ was invented in SC.

Russell Harper


Love all the different recipes!

Jody Welch

You Need this Cookbook!

I like the variety of recipes and explanations of origins/regions. I grew up in Georgetown, SC, and it's great to have reminders of our wonderful region. I'd say, if you love BBQ, you need to have this cookbook! Thank you for all your efforts in making this book available.

Freda Perlman

For the Barbecue Enthusiast!

I like that it covers all regions of SC and all of the awesome recipes. This book is for the entertainer and BBQ enthusiast. It’s a very reasonable price for amazing BBQ recipes. Keep doing what you do to help the BBQ enthusiast around the US. Keep promoting the best BBQ in the world, SC BBQ!

Rodney Muckenfuss

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