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Going Whole Hog: Testimonials

What Folks Are Saying About Going Whole Hog

Welcome to the testimonials page for Going Whole Hog. Below, you’ll find firsthand accounts from readers who have personally purchased and reviewed our South Carolina BBQ book. These testimonials highlight the book’s impact, from its comprehensive recipes and techniques to the rich cultural insights it offers.

Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or a culinary explorer, these reviews will give you a glimpse into the value and experiences our book has provided to readers from the first edition ebook to the latest iteration first mailed out to customers in January 2024, with both print and digital options. The dates provided indicate the version the reviewer is commenting on.

Can’t Get Any Better

It’s so informative and offers lots of great reading. It also has some very good recipes that I will try. You don’t know what you are missing. Got to read it!

Jim Clark
May 4, 2024

Nobody Documents SC BBQ Better

Lots of recipes that you can use; lots of places you might like knowing about. I will be using the rub and sauce recipes. I like how many techniques and opinions are included. It’s almost ethnographic in that way.

Stephen Thomas
March 1, 2024

Brilliant BBQ insights

While I like the recipes for rubs the most, Going Whole Hog is an encyclopedia of authentic BBQ recipes. You won’t need to buy another BBQ cookbook!

Sean Hayes
February 18, 2024

EVERYONE has stated that the Book is Incredible

The cover could not be more appealing. The recipes cover the entire spectrum of BBQ. The history of BBQ had an appeal to my “Nawthern” friends that surprised me. Great section on Jackie Hite! I will be very interested to see how many awards this book earns. Job well done. There is simply not a better coverage of the BBQ world. Get off the fence and buy it!

David Watson
February 16, 2024

Had High Expectations, They were Exceeded

What an exceptional piece of documented culinary South Carolina history. The effort and care taken to share its native recipes, many of which come from the more famous names regionally (even if by copycat on some, that can be understood) was mind-blowing. What impressed me more was the totality of recipes coming from parts of the BBQ world I’ve not had a chance to explore, like upstate beef-centered hash (I’m a lowcountry boy, hog hash is all I’ve ever known).

I also appreciated the care taken to show off the less famous names of many who shared recipes passed down from generations.

The artwork/photography jumps off the page, the variety of rubs, sauces, methods and styles of cooking, and even sides/desserts and other items is just amazing and structured well.

I’ve not yet met anyone who takes an interest in BBQ that has seen this book say anything to me other than “Where can I get one of those?”

Seth Kimble
February 15, 2024

Informative, Beautiful, Useful

The recipes!! I love Dukes Style BBQ. Having lived in Orangeburg County for over 10 years, Dukes BBQ was almost a weekly routine. While many people rave about Whitman Ave., my favorite was Chestnut Ave. where you simply got rice, hash, BBQ (not sauced), BBQ sauce, cole slaw, bread (a loaf on the table), occasionally ribs when available, and tea. They added homemade cake for desert at some point. Now, because of Going Whole Hog, I have the recipes to do the cooking here in Horry County where vinegar and pepper sauces are king.

The stories! The history of BBQ and the people -known and unknown-who made that history is wonderful to read.

The variety! Going Whole Hog just didn’t stop and the meat and sauces but continued with the sides and deserts. Thus the book brings a complete South Carolina Barbeque experience together in one book showing the diversity across the state.

If you want to produce the BBQ that you like from the region of the state where you are from, Going Whole Hog will get you there. If you ever wondered about the differences in BBQ in South Carolina, wanted to try to reproduce any favorites at home; then Going Whole Hog is what you need.

Thank you, Jim, for all of the hard work put into this book from the research, recipe testing, writing, formatting, searching for a publisher, finding a purchasing platform, keeping us informed of the progress, and finally getting the books out is such a timely fashion. Oh, and by the way, a great big thank you to your wife who tolerated, encouraged, helped (more than we will ever know) and more likely than not inspired you to see this book to completion.

Steven Reed
February 13, 2024

Beautiful and Comprehensive

What do I like about it? All of it. Must own…you won’t regret it.

Kyle Herlong
February 12, 2024

All the Recipes!

I really like all the recipes from some of my favorite BBQ restaurants. Since I live several hours away from them, I can cook some of my favorite BBQ and hash and eat it more often. You need to buy this book. It is great. You won’t regret it.

John Shealy
February 8, 2024

A Cookbook Good Enough to Read!

 The history and stories! And the copious wonderful recipes! It’s a great book for yourself or as a gift to another BBQ fan! Just get it.

Barbara Brant-Williams
February 7, 2024

Awesome History/Cookbook

Love the book, can’t thank the team and contributors enough. I’ve searched high and low for a book that captures the history of SC BBQ and offers hard to find recipes, especially Hash and BBQ sauce recipes. Along with these decades old recipes, there is well documented history of the origins of SC BBQ and how it came along. There is no book that compares when discussing SCBBQ. No brainer, great addition to any collection

William Y
February 6, 2024

Going Wholeheartedly into this Book!!

I love everything about this book! Getting to know the history of South Carolina barbecue is such an amazing journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this book together. I’m only partway through because I’m stopping along the way to try out different recipes. It’s like finding a pot of gold. Buy it, you won’t be sorry! Again, thank you for this amazing book!

Rhyane Davis
February 5, 2024

So many recipes. Can’t wait to try them all!

Best cookbook I’ve ever owned. Great recipes for all things meat. I’ve already planned which ones to try next weekend. You won’t regret buying this cookbook. I’ve already shared the book with others and they were so impressed, they ordered one.

Dennis Hutton
February 5, 2024

The Only BBQ Cookbook You’ll Ever Need

Of all the BBQ books I have purchased, this is the best by far and will be the most useful. The book itself is so well done, both beautiful and durable and will stand the test of time. The background and history of BBQ, especially of South Carolina BBQ. So many great recipes you really don’t know which one you want to do first. New ideas for great BBQ items I have never tried before.It also contains great side dishes and desserts to go with your BBQ. Get the book today and don’t miss this opportunity to obtain such a comprehensive book on South Carolina BBQ. You will never get so much for so little money, and it will improve your BBQ knowledge and experience.

Gary Darby
February 5, 2024

One of the Best Books on Barbecue I Own!!

Going Whole Hog is one of the best books on barbecue I own (and I own over two dozen featuring recipes from North Carolina, Texas, Alabama, and many other southern states). By design, this book concentrates on barbecue originating in South Carolina almost exclusively; the notable exception being John Lewis’ much appreciated Texas invasion of South Carolina! However, it is more than a recipe book, even though the recipes are outstanding. Full disclosure, I, along with many others, assisted the author, Jim Roller, in testing several of the included recipes.

Going Whole Hog is a collection of recipes from barbecue pitmasters and cooks around the state of South Carolina. What makes this book special is it is more than a collection of recipes. It includes not only recipes, but an explanation of the history, traditions, and development of barbecue techniques in South Carolina. Jim includes interviews with the recipe developers, collectors and inheritors that document the evolution of barbecue history in South Carolina. Many of these are special to me, as they came from pitmasters I knew personally, Jackie Hite, for example, from my hometown of Leesville.

The book is beautifully presented and the photographs are amazing. As a former certified barbecue judge I can assure you this is the real deal! It includes recipes I could never locate myself such as Red Gravy!

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy!!

Mike Clark
February 4, 2024


Having just received, I am paging and enjoying, gaining a realization about BBQ history. As I reside in a condo upper level porch my Ninja is under cover pending warmer days. However, the recipients of my gifting are already smoking with one having isolated 25 recipes and intends to do each on upcoming weekends. I to am isolating first choices in anticipation of my start.

Ken Stiles
February 3, 2024

Admiration from North of the Border

This Tar Heel envies his Sandlapper neighbors. This is a magnificent tribute to y’all’s barbecue tradition. I wish there were an equivalent book about ours.
Of course, you don’t have to be a South Carolinian to read and cook some of the fabulous recipes here. My compliments to the chef. It’s worth every penny.

John Shelton Reed
February 3, 2024

Finally, THE book on SCBBQ!

I’m a Cayce/Columbia native who grew up with my grandfather’s BBQ pulled pork from the time I was born. We were serious – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, birthdays – always a smoked shoulder, family secret BBQ beans, cole slaw, hash and rice, and my grandfather’s incredibly complex BBQ sauce. He did it mostly on an old aluminum weber and used hickory nuts my brother and I gathered in the yard for smoke. It was the best thing ever. If we were in a crunch or didn’t have time to smoke, we’d go to Maurices Piggy Park in Cayce. This book captures all I know and love about SC BBQ. It’s full of great, authentic recipes, beautiful photos, and a fulsome discussion of the different SC regional styles. Highly recommended. Remember – in the South, BBQ is a noun not a verb! Thank you! It’s a book we needed and have been waiting for. It’s the bible of SCBBQ.

Darrin McCullough
February 1, 2024

Worth the Wait!

The first item we noticed was the listings of all the ‘joints.” This helps us when we head out on our travels; (two wheels) it gives us our Destination!
And the detailed recipes, history, and the people. If you love BBQ, Going Whole Hog is the way to go. Buy it! Where is your sense of adventure?

Richard Natali
February 1, 2024

Best Book about BBQ I’ve Ever Read.

Historical facts are most interesting and the fact that so many folks were willing to share their recipes. Buy it, you won’t regret it.

Bob Arneson
February 1, 2024


Best recipes

Down home

Tim Hampton
February 1, 2024

BBQ, History, and Great Recipes Together

The things I like most about the book are the recipes and the detailed history involved. North Carolina, South Carolina … It doesn’t matter who was first as long as the BBQ is great! I enjoy nearly all types of Q if it is done well. The book is well written and well researched! Get a copy for some great down-home recipes and interesting tidbits of history.

Bob Berry
February 1, 2024

I’m Ready to BBQ!

I loved the book….loved the history of BBQ and the recipes that followed. It contains a little of every aspect of the cooking of BBQ. I have eaten in many of the places that are highlighted in the book and look forward to trying many of the recipes as the weather permits me getting outside to cook. Thank you for your dedication to this project! I have learned to seek out new restaurants and learn how they interpret the field of BBQ. You are making a mistake by not buying this cookbook/history lesson.

Peggy Phalen
February 1, 2024

Well Made Book, Beautiful Clear Pictures, Accurate Well Written History

Quality of the book. Binding, paper, pictures, those are the things I liked the most.  I have read “Black Smoke” and Rodney Scott’s book. The history aspect was in agreement with both authors. The info on sauces was very interesting. Have just started going through the recipes. The information preceding each is very well done. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it, excellently well written book.

William Van Dyke
February 1, 2024

This is Absolutely the Best Book on Barbeque!

The things I like about this book are the stories, histories, and recipes. Comparing recipes was most enjoyable. Great book! I would tell any SCBBQ fan to go ahead and get this book. I bought another one after receiving the first one to gift to a BBQ enthusiast.

Floyd Bradley
February 1, 2024

All that I didn’t know about BBQ!

When you think you know enough about BBQ in South Carolina, please read this book! It has more information, history and recipes than one could imagine! The history was fascinating, and the stories about the “pitmasters” were so interesting. I haven’t finished reading the whole book, but I skipped around to check out each section. The book was so much more than I expected. It is wonderfully written and the pictures made it that much more inviting! If you’re on the fence about buying the cookbook, buy it and take a good look! If you still have reservations, it would make wonderful gift for someone who loves BBQ!

Kimberly Wyszynski
February 1, 2024

Noteworthy Book about SC BBQ

It’s your go to reference and guide to enjoying SC BBQ. The book covers a broad spectrum of SC BBQ. Jim doesn’t lead you down rabbit holes when it comes to BBQ. There are numerous recipes for the reader to try and come to their own conclusion as to which style of BBQ one prefers. The book will be a collectors item one day, get it while you can. Thanks for a job well done!

Willard Beard
February 1, 2024

Down Home

Love the content…great recipes…great illustrations! No matter how experienced you think you are, there are plenty of different and new ideas to keep you learning and maintaining and upping your BBQ game. Its full of recipes from experienced cooks who have already gone through their trials and errors.

Tim Hampton
February 1, 2024

Quality Throughout!

Great read on origins of South Carolina BBQ. Enough recipes to satisfy the mustard or vinegar pit master. What I like the most is all the history. Buy at least 2 or 3. You will be giving them as gifts. When they run out of books, I’ll remind you I told you so.

Archie Felder
January 31, 2024

WOW!! Much more than I Expected!

A masterful collection of everything anyone would want to know about barbeque in South Carolina – History, Insights, Techniques and Recipes! Tons of Recipes! I’m very impressed with the production, the verbiage, the photos and the recipes. You’ll want to try every recipe!

Tom Matthey
January 31, 2024

It is the Whole Story

Easy to use with good illustration.

Roger Couch
January 31, 2024

Well worth the wait!

This is much more than a book of recipes! It is also filled with BBQ history, anecdotes and mouthwatering photos! I have been a BBQ enthusiast for years, and this book is a must have! I appreciate all of your time, research and effort it took to create this book. You will not be disappointed if you are any kind of BBQ fan!

Al Hines
January 31, 2024


Absolutely amazing! I expected a quality book and Going Whole Hog exceeded my expectations. Well written and researched with high quality photos which draw the reader along. A true tribute to South Carolina BBQ. The recipes and narrative compel us to reach out and savor not only our own ‘Que, but to explore the finest SC has to offer. Grab a copy while you can, this is truly the Whole Hog! Don’t wait, you will be sorry if you do.

Andy Petrone
January 31, 2024

Beautiful and Interesting

Nice variety of recipes. Perfect gift for someone who loves BBQ history and cooking.

Kathryn English
January 31, 2024

Going Whole Hog is Wonderful

Going Whole Hog is so much more than I expected when I ordered three copies (two to be used as gifts):

— The first impression is that it is much larger and a higher quality book than I had anticipated. Both very impressive.

— The second big impression is the breadth of the subject matter. It seems to touch every aspect of a fine South Carolina BBQ presentation and dining experience. Extremely comprehensive.

— Third, and I haven’t had to explore this yet, there are a large number of links to additional related information. It is a resource to the whole subject area.

Jim should be very proud of this beautiful book.

Phil Lantz
January 31, 2024

Great Recipes

Enjoyed reading about history of BBQ and the recipes are simple and easy to follow. This book is a must for BBQ lovers!

Mike Lopeman
January 31, 2024

Good Looking Book

Book is full of great stories and recipes. If you like BBQ, then get this book!

Robert Luthet
January 31, 2024

Beautifully Presented “Inside” Secrets for the BBQ Enthusiast!

If you’re a SCBBQ fan, this is simply a must have! The recipes from some of the best ever cooks in the business! This is one you’ll enjoy for years and then pass down. Buy it!

Will Green
January 31, 2024

Best BBQ Book that I’ve Read

I love the history it talks about and gives you names and authors of those to read more about. Plus all the different SC sauces to make and where they’re from. Buy it

Milton Stiner
January 31, 2024


What I like most is the history that ties with the recipes and restaurants. Something you haveto have in your cookbook collection, especially if you’re from SC. Get your @$$ off the fence and buy it.. you will not be disappointed.

Jack Springs
January 31, 2024

Love at First Read

I recently received my copy of Going Whole Hog, now my new favorite cookbook, but it is unlike any other in my collection of over three hundred cookbooks. The emphasis on the diversity of South Carolina barbecue is evident in the well-rounded assortment of sauce, sides, meat, and hash recipes. James Roller has gone above and beyond to ensure this collection is a comprehensive guide, providing an unparalleled culinary experience. The promise of finding these recipes nowhere else adds a sense of exclusivity, making Going Whole Hog an invaluable resource for barbecue enthusiasts and food lovers alike. If you are a serious BBQ aficionado or a Chef this book needs to be in your collection. WHY? There is nothing out there like it; many will now copy it, but this started it. The book is awesome, you defiantly have a fan here.

Mark Cates
January 31, 2024

Awesome Cookbook

If you are really into BBQ, then you’ll love this book. I am into BBQ so much that I have competed in BBQ competitions, became a BBQ KCBS judge and own over 13 smokers/grills. For someone who is into BBQ, you want authentic recipes from the original author or as close to it as you can get. Each recipe in this cookbook has notes, comments, history and/or insight from the recipe authors or someone close to author. That is unique and in my BBQ experience, priceless. If you love BBQ, you’ll love this cookbook.

Dean Richardson
January 31, 2024

Excellent Resource for any Pitmaster

This book is very well worth getting. It should be in every bbq enthusiast library. The dive into our rich bbq history in South Carolina, as well as the diversity of bbq recipes from across our great state are what I like most. Great book. Very well put together. Outstanding pitmaster resource. Just buy it, it’s a great value. Well worth the money.

Josh Rogers
January 31, 2024

My High Expectations were Exceeded

Everyone needs this book. Everything easy to access. I will guarantee that you won’t regret your purchase of this cookbook

Ron Eustace
January 31, 2024

South Carolinian does justice to SC BBQ

The things I enjoy are the recipes and history of Hash, as well as hash recipes. BBQ recipes are awesome, also. The recipes and history tell the whole story of South Carolina and its BBQ ties. Great recipes. Well written and designed. You will not find another cookbook that encompasses SC BBQ. Well done Jim and Heather. You have to live BBQ and HASH, and it shows in your book!!

Andrew Jobe
January 31, 2024

So well done!

I spent a couple hours just perusing the recipe list! It brought back so many memories of eating at a lot of these places and being able to experience true SC BBQ from some of the masters. The collection of recipes is worth the price of the book. Add to that the beautiful photography, the history and stories, and the QR codes to in-depth videos and this book is such a value! Well done! The recipes are a goldmine of the best of SC BBQ over the decades. If you’re interested in getting a taste of genuine SC BBQ, then this book is a must have. Thanks for a job well done.

Joshua Fite
January 31, 2024


I’m a barbecue man and love cooking and I have a few recipes books but this one is really an awesome book. The recipes and the history behind them were great. It’s a book that you don’t want to be without.

William Crawford
January 31, 2024

Great book filled with history and recipes

I found the hash section extremely interesting since I have helped cook hash in the pot pictured on the opening page of the section as well as worked for Mrs. Ruth at the Hash House. It’s a must if you are a BB fan. I bought three. One for me and two for gifts. Great book!

Phil Whitlock
January 31, 2024


I enjoyed the recipes, especially the hash recipes. It is so interesting to see how much our South Carolina taste vary from region to region. Everyone who has picked up the book has been impressed. I guess it will become our primary coffee table book the quite a while. I appreciate all the work it took to put the book together and publish it. You need this book! Get it before they are all gone.

January 30, 2024

Bright, Vibrant, Pictures, and Beautiful Hard Cover on my Book!

The thing I liked the most was the assortment of recipes and stories. Loved the personalization option, too. You can tell a lot of TLC went into this creation. Bright and vibrant pictures are great to go along with the recipes and stories. For those who are on the fence, I would mention the wide varieties of recipes from SC BBQ places as well as the stories.

Joedy Cook
January 30, 2024

Well Published

If you love bar b que (especially South Carolina style), this book’s for you! The photography and layout are what I like most. If you don’t like it, put it up for sale it’ll get snapped right up….but…you won’t be doing that….put it on your coffee table for your friends to admire. The author knows his bar b que….and he’s been fair to all places he’s eaten in.

ronnie hydrick
January 29, 2024

A laser-focused dive into South Carolina BBQ!!

I now have fifteen BBQ cookbooks and this one will command a prominent position in my collection. It is clearly written with beautiful photographs. The recipes are accompanied by enlightening commentaries and the book provides an essential history of BBQ and its South Carolina evolution. I’m planning my next trip to South Carolina as I page through this wonderfully put together book. Try it—-you’ll like it. Get off the fence before they are all gone.

David S Robinson
January 28, 2024

Great Book

A lot of great recipes and easy to follow instructions – also for smaller selections of meat than a whole hog😃 Just get it – you will be happy about it. Great work – thanks!

Ole Skov Jensen
December 27, 2023

An Absolutely Awesome Book for BBQ Enthusiasts!

You will find it very hard to lay this book down once you start digging in it! This book is a “must” for all things BBQ! This book is a Jewel!


You must be exhausted! You, My Friend, have put together one hell of a book on BBQ! I was only able to read sections at a time because of me drooling on my computer as I looked through these recipes! Thank you for your indepth research and gem of a collection of some of the best BBQ recipes and sides around! Keep up the great work! I gained 10 pounds just reading through this book!🤣🤣 You are without a doubt The BBQ Man’s BBQ Man!
Happy Holidays Jim to you and your family.

Warm Regards,

Bob Jackson

Bob Jackson
November 22, 2023


If you love BBQ, you need this cookbook! Best cookbook I have come across for BBQ. Looking forward to future updates.

Jae Stein-Grainger
October 12, 2023


All the history… or the how and why things came about is what I like most about the cookbook. Also, Jim is an active publisher. Plus, where else can you get a book with lifetime updates at a great price… especially a cookbook? Maybe he will come out with a book for some of the other big styles of BBQ??

Eric Lipsky
October 12, 2023


Great recipes. If you like BBQ, you can’t go wrong.

Mike Diamond
October 12, 2023


The Rollers have done a great job of covering the regions of SC when it comes to BBQ. They leave it up to us to decide which is our favorite. There are numerous sauce, hash, and meat recipes in the book. They have taken the time to put the information in one place making it very easy for you to try and experiment with something new, If you are new to BBQ and want to impress your family and friends, buy the book. It has tried and true recipes and methods that will make you look like a pro! Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us.

Willard Beard
October 12, 2023


SC restaurants and recipes. I grew up in Batesburg but judged BBQ contests in TN, MS, MO, etc. Actually made the Food Channel…not cooking skills, but judged MIM finals in 99, which was on TV…Big Bob Gibson won. Guess what I’m saying is the book is well done and the Holly Hill update very informative…keep it up.

Even though I prefer a paper book, I would definitely recommend it and, in fact, already have. Give it a try… definitely worth it if interested in SC BBQ…filled a void in my BBQ library which is fairly extensive.

David R Watson
October 12, 2023


I like to cook, especially on the smoker, and I like SC history, so what I like most is that they all have some connection to my state and my taste profile. Get the book! Makes for some great reading (and meals). I don’t know anyone on the fence. Once I pitch it, they usually purchase it!

Really enjoy your newsletter, also. Hope to meet up with you one day. We spend a lot of time at Wadmalaw.

Art Boyer
October 12, 2023


The local “flavor”and the variety covered is what I liked most about the cookbook. It’s a great collection of SC BBQ recipes that are necessary for any of us backyard smokers. If you’re on the fence, just know it’s affordable…and be sure to get the lifetime updates.

Brandon Cox
October 12, 2023


The purchasing process went flawlessly, and I got my link almost immediately. I love the book! Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to future editions. I am an active member of SCBA, SBN, GBA, KCBS, and the SCA. I judge and marshal many events. I found the book both informative and useful. I plan to try most, if not all the recipes therein.

Rod Nixon - BBQ Judge and Marshall
October 12, 2023


Just reading quickly through it, I love the history it gives. My Uncle taught me how to do a whole hog over green oak coals and I have loved it ever since. I cannot wait to start the recipes as soon as my back gets better from surgery. We just used red pepper and vinegar my Aunt couldn’t remember one other ingredient from a restaurant in South Carolina, so I am excited to try all that you have.

I have already bought one for my son in law’s birthday and told many people I know about it. I tell them about the history you have and the sauces. And most of them are real excited. If you really like BBQ, you should try it .

Keep doing what you are doing. For those of us that can’t travel right now, it is wonderful to read your emails and read your book. I will make a lot of your recipes and enjoy every one of them. Thank You!

Milton Stiner
October 12, 2023


The SCBBQ cookbook is the best thing I have found and will give you the recipes for many things, hash being one of them. It is all anyone needs to BBQ like a pro. It features many different styles of South Carolina BBQ and sauces. If you are serious about BBQ, this is a must have!

Gatorland Gamecock
October 12, 2023


What I liked most about the cookbook was all the southern recipes…pork recipes galore! Want southern home cooking? Look no further! Awesome cookbook!

Jay M
October 12, 2023


I like the variety of recipes and explanations of origins/regions. I grew up in Georgetown, SC, and it’s great to have reminders of our wonderful region. I’d say, if you love BBQ, you need to have this cookbook! Thank you for all your efforts in making this book available.

Freda Perlman
October 12, 2023


I like that it covers all regions of SC and all of the awesome recipes. This book is for the entertainer and BBQ enthusiast. It’s a very reasonable price for amazing BBQ recipes. Keep doing what you do to help the BBQ enthusiast around the US. Keep promoting the best BBQ in the world, SC BBQ!

Rodney Muckenfuss
October 12, 2023


That was an ebook! Also, of course, that it is what SC barbecue is all about, sharing good food and recipes.  Just buy it, you won’t regret it.

C. David Miles, DMD
October 12, 2023


As a former SC resident, the thing I liked most was the hash recipes.

As unique as hash is to SC, I’ve been amazed that hardly any SC recipe books have a hash recipe. Then it’s the regional BBQ and hash along with the stories about different families/cooks, etc

If you’re really a fan, this is a must have. Most people judge BBQ by whatever kind of BBQ they grew up on. If you want to broaden your BBQ horizon, this is a good place to start, along with knowing the history behind the different kinds of BBQ in SC.

It’s definitely worth the price if you like to cook BBQ or read about it.

Joseph Kanagy
October 12, 2023


Love all the different recipes!

Jody Welch
October 12, 2023


A variety of recipes from so many good sources. If you are a fan of SCBBQ, then you will appreciate the detail in this book! It is a good primer on SCBBQ….worth reading if you like the intricacies of very good BBQ….great hash recipes! I’m looking forward to any updates.

Wiley Adams
October 12, 2023


I love the variety and authenticity of the recipes. It stays true to SC BBQ. It’s a great handbook to start making your own bbq at home. If you’re on the fence about purchasing just know the people behind the cookbook are always looking to add to the book and have a sneak peek into some secrets of SC BBQ. The Birth Place of BBQ. Help the writers continue with such an awesome adventure with a purchase and make some good food to share with others.

Richard Lockwood
October 12, 2023


The SC recipes were what I liked most about the cookbook. True SC Bar-b-que. It is a great SC cookbook, and it will continue to grow. I’d like to see a bar-b-que chicken recipe that is made with basting with some kind of vinegar. I’ve had this kind of chicken but don’t know how they make it.

Eric Thompson
October 12, 2023


The history was very interesting. I also liked having one place with so many recipes. This is a convenient source for all questions about how to prepare BBQ and the sides. You both did a wonderful job!

Elizabeth Dornblaser
October 12, 2023


Great cookbook, I read the whole book the day I got it. Could not put it down! Detailed recipes of sauces and different meats and preparation Your recipes are very concise and easy to prepare with everyday, useable, and obtainable ingredients.


Robert Todd
October 12, 2023


Very easy to follow and therefore to use, even for a French pitmaster based in Paris, France. Some of the recipes are served in my restaurant, Le Rhino Rouge. Those guys are willing to share recipes so that you really can use them and succeed. Don’t think, buy it! Many, many thanks! Keep moving!

Eric Sulger
October 12, 2023


Love the various sauce recipes. This is a very thorough cookbook for exploring the world of South Carolina BBQ.

Peter Lewin
October 12, 2023


The purchasing process went very smooth. I’m really enjoying the book. I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Keep up the good work!

Donald Jackson
October 12, 2023


The thing I liked most about the cookbook was reading some of the history. If you’re a fan of SCBBQ, this is a must read.

If you’re on the fence about buying this book, just know that it is an economical book, worth every penny!

Creighton Taylor
October 12, 2023


…but if I have to choose what I like most, then let’s say the recipes. Love to read all the recipes and take note of the different ingredients, but can’t beat Rodney Scotts’ vinegar and pepper mop sauce! Buy it. I did, and I am going to use it. I love all things BBQ.

James Andrews
October 12, 2023


I enjoyed the compilation of recipes and a little history about each. BBQ Lovers and fanatics…….THIS IS THE BOOK YOU NEED! This is your chance to experiment with some of the “Big Boy” recipes! Great coverage of all things BBQ!

Robert Jackson
October 12, 2023


This cookbook was interesting reading on facts If you want to know more about regional BBQ, buy it. Worth the price. I prefer mustard sauces, make my own and always looking for ideas to make it better. However, I’m not sold on that BBQ was invented in SC.

Russell Harper
October 12, 2023


What I liked most about the cookbook was the bbq sauces – this took a lot of hard work. It’s worth the money. Buy the cookbook, you won’t find one any better. I have tried a couple of the sauces – they were real good!

John Dowis
October 12, 2023


Seeing the various recipes from different regions of SC is what I liked most about the cookbook. Looking forward to trying them out. It’s a small investment to pay to learn about various BBQ within our state, or a great way to try SC BBQ without having to actually go there. So much information on places within our state. Your book takes us on a journey without leaving the house. Continue to take us on the various BBQ destination within our state. Need more Upstate BBQ, I miss that great flavor especially the hash.

Helen Mack
October 12, 2023


A great collection of true BBQ dishes. Very well written and easy to follow.

Keep up the great work!

Shonn Diess
October 12, 2023


What I liked most about the cookbook is the research and backstories. Even though I grew up on Lexington NC BBQ, you’ve got to get this cookbook as there is much more variety to BBQ in SC, If you can’t decide, this is a labor of love, with a lot of volunteer time and input. It’s by locals for locals and you should support it for that alone.

October 12, 2023


Diversity of recipes. Background stories. Great pics! If you want traditional SC bbq and fixin’s, this is the most complete collection I’ve found. Thanks!

Darrin McCullough
October 12, 2023