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SC BBQ Sauces

South Carolina barbecue is as magnificent and diverse as its people.

For a relatively small state, South Carolina boasts distinct regions with unique bbq styles. These regions make up what we refer to as the SC BBQ Trail. These regions are primarily flavored by the sauces popular within that section of the state.

Depending on where you are in our state, you might find your pork —  because in SC bbq means pork — steeped in a vinegar-pepper sauce, or a light tomato sauce, or a heavy tomato sauce, or the sauce that is unique to our state — a mustard-based sauce.

And, just in case you’re visiting, in South Carolina, “barbecue” is a noun, not a verb — a thing, not an action, and no, that thing is not a grill.  For us, “barbecue” is pork, whether it has been pulled or chopped, served with a tangy sauce, the best of which was cooked for hours over wood coals.

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Our Interactive SC BBQ Trail Map will not only show you the location of every barbecue restaurant in South Carolina but will even find where you are (with your permission) and show you all the restaurants in your area…and even give you directions to get the place you choose.

The Official SC BBQ Trail map – download a copy of the official map from the SC Dept. of Tourism

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