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Destination-BBQ has become THE source for information about BBQ in South Carolina. Just check out the stats from Google Analytics and WordPress’ Jetpack Analytics package included below. The numbers speak for themselves:

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Geo-Targeted Pop-up Ads

Imagine that a traveler is 10 miles from your restaurant, looking for a great SCBBQ spot to try.  Wouldn’t you like for that traveler to know you’re nearby and give him a reason to pick your restaurant over your competitors?

We can do that.

When the visitor enters our website, we recognize that he is within a specified distance from your restaurant, so automatically, a message pops up on his screen letting him know you’re close by and would love for him to drop in. Maybe you even offer him a discount or free item as an incentive to drop by.

Check out this example:


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Map Listing Featured Restaurant

Our interactive SC BBQ Trail map is one of the most visited pages on our site. This map is the primary way travelers and BBQ fans alike find new SC BBQ restaurants to visit.

The map locates the user’s location and, by default, shows the closest 25 restaurants within 100 miles of that location. The search results are listed in order from closest to furthest.

Wouldn’t it be better if your restaurant was listed first and made to stand out from the rest of the listings?

Our “Featured Restaurant” feature will put your restaurant at the top of our listings and instead of the dull gray background of all the other restaurants, yours will be emphasized both by its bright, mustardy-orange background and by a “Featured Restaurant” designation on the listing.

See this example:

Featured Restaurant Example

Featured Restaurant Example

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Other options coming soon.

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