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South Carolina Barbecue Gift Guide (2024)


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With a sincere effort to provide a comprehensive list of your South Carolina gift options, we present our South Carolina BBQ gift guide for 2024. If you’re looking for the perfect gift basket for family or friends, or if you’re just looking for a taste of home, you’ll find authentic food gifts made in South Carolina.

Whether your gift basket is for others or yourself, what you’ll find in our gift guide includes options from some of the Palmetto State’s most famous pitmasters and restaurants, but more importantly, it features products from simple mom-and-pop businesses that have bottled up secret family recipes, some that go back generations.

Photo courtesy of Bessinger’s; Aleece Sophia Photography

While the vast majority of the products in our gift guide are from South Carolina vendors, we’d like to be clear that there are a small handful of tools or books that are from folks nearby or are simply handy for anyone making barbecue anywhere. But all food products are made in South Carolina.

So if you’re looking to fill a gift basket or your cupboard, this is the place to shop.

(You might also want to check out Recommended Products page. There you will find general barbecue products we’ve recommended to readers of our newsletter. See previous newsletter issues and/or subscribe here.)

Editor’s Note: None of the products below are sold by this site, Destination BBQ. In most cases, you’ll be purchasing directly from the business or restaurant itself. In other cases, you’ll be purchasing on Amazon.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below (generally the Amazon ones) are affiliate links. Most other links are not.

SC BBQ Gift Guide (2024)

If you're looking online for the best food gifts from South Carolina, you'll find the authentic items from Charleston to Columbia and beyond in this gift guide. Below we have assembled unique culinary products and merchandise you can only buy in South Carolina from famous restaurants to simple mom-and-pop businesses.

These unique gifts, many of which are handmade and artisanal, are organized in the following categories:

  • Smoked Meats and Foods - includes barbecued foods that can be shipped nationwide
  • SC Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Gift Boxes - bottled BBQ products available online
  • Barbecue Books - from pitmasters and authors from South Carolina and beyond
  • BBQ Tools - curated list of special tools for pitmasters
  • Barbecue Classes - local or online masterclasses offered by pitmasters who know BBQ best

Smoked Meats and Foods from South Carolina

A handful of South Carolina BBQ joints ship barbecue, brisket, hash, and more nationwide. Maurice's Piggie Park in Columbia offers several options for shipping and even provide a barbecue of the month subscription, a really nice made in South Carolina gift-option.

Lewis Barbecue in Charleston ships a full assortment of fully-cooked meats, including brisket, ribs, sausage, and turkey.

SC Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Gift Boxes

If you're looking for some authentic South Carolina barbecue sauces, we have just what you're looking for. Below you will find offerings from SC's most famous pitmasters and amazing options from simple mom-and-pop businesses with old family recipes. Food gifts made in South Carolina and able to be shipped to your door.

Some links below go directly to sauces; others to the vendor's general shopping page where you can find sauces, gift bag collections, and more.

Barbecue Books

Trying to find the perfect book on South Carolina barbecue or barbecue in general? Below we highlight those books you should consider for your library or as a gift.

BBQ Tools of the Trade

Looking for that perfect tool to get your barbecue just right. We have selected a small handful of options for you. From the wood you want to cook with to the tool you'll want to clean up with, here are some great barbecue gifts:


Looking to level up your barbecue game? Learn from the best in person or online, here are some great options to give as a gift:

Note: Generally, local classes are offered on a periodic basis. Check back if nothing is being offered currently.

Ribertarian: More BBQ Less BS.

Gifts for Your Favorite Pitmaster

(even if that’s you!)



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Aaron Franklin’s Masterclass on barbecue is worth the subscription alone. I have watched every minute of it. He goes in-depth on brisket at a level only a true expert could present, but he also has amazing chapters on ribs, pulled pork, sauces, and more. Why not learn from the master?