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Sweatman’s Bar-B-Que

Sweatman's BBQ, Holly Hill, SC BBQ Plate

Sweatman’s Bar-B-Que opened for business in 1977.

The bar-b-que was and continues to be cooked fresh every week. Oak, hickory and pecan trees are cut and split for the wood that is burned in the cooking process. The whole hogs are cooked over hot coals for 12-14 hours. While cooking, they are continuously basted with our secret mustard based sauce. Once done, the hogs are ready to be cut and prepared for serving!

Sweatman’s Bar-B-Que has been featured in several magazines and books over the years, including Southern LivingMagazine, Garden & Gun Magazine, USA Today and The Huffington Post.
We have been featured on the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations,” “Food Paradise,” and “Bar-B-Que Crawl.” You can also find us on The Cooking Channel’s “Man, Fire, Food.”

Enjoy this interview by Southern Foodways Alliance of Sweatman’s pit master Douglas Oliver.

The SC BBQ Association has deemed Sweatman’s as one of the Top 100 BBQ houses in SC.

Read their review here.



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Sweatman’s Bar-B-Que
1427 Eutaw Road
Holly Hill, SC 29059
United States