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WE expect to order a Limited Supply to Sell

Want a hardcover or digital version of our expanded and updated SC BBQ cookbook?

First edition. 300 pages. Premium color.

*see FAQs below

Recipes, traditions, & history

While it’s true this authentic collection comes from some of SC’s most renowned pitmasters, many are family recipes — some generations old — from SC’s best backyard and competition cooks. Sauces and rubs, meats, hash, sides, and desserts: each enjoys a dedicated chapter. Beyond the recipes, you’ll enjoy the histories and special features spotlighting the people who have made South Carolina barbecue what it is today.

*see FAQs

Cookbook FAQs: What You Need to Know

I missed the pre-order window! Can I still get a copy of the cookbook?

Maybe, but I will take no more pre-orders at this time. I have decided to order a limited supply of extra books beyond those that were pre-ordered when the cart was opened. As I write this, I am not sure of the numbers. If you’d like to be alerted if/when we offer these extras for sale, you should do two things:
1) Join the waitlist using the form at the bottom of this page.
2) Visit our Etsy Shop and click the button to “FOLLOW SHOP”

Is there a waitlist or notification system I can join to know when the cookbook is available next?”

Yes, read #1 above or click on one of the Join Waitlist buttons scattered about this page. 😉

I pre-ordered a book. Will it be delivered in time for Christmas?

The short (and most truthful) answer is that there is no guarantee. I’m told it takes around 14-18 days for printing and around 7-9 weeks for sea shipping. We ordered in the right window of time to get the books printed and delivered to my home by early December. Because things will be so close, I don’t feel comfortable saying they will be here on time for your gift to get to your loved one. If you purchased books as a Christmas gift, I have created a PDF file that you can print out and include in a card announcing the gift and letting your loved one know that it will arrive hot off the presses. You can download it here.

Will there be a digital version?

Yes, the PDF version is actually finished. I expect to begin all the behind-the-scenes work building sales pages, etc. soon and offer it for sale by early 2024 at the latest, but probably sooner. If interested, join the waitlist and select the “Digital Edition” option.

By the way, if you purchased the Permanent Edition version of the original ebook, your advanced digital copy of Going Whole Hog was sent to you on Fri, September 22. Note: if you ever unsubscribed from the email list, I am not legally able to send you those emails. Please contact me directly from the email address associated with your purchase.

Will the cookbook be available in bookstores or other retail outlets in the future?

It’s possible, but no real plans are in place at this time. Since this book is completely self-published, I don’t have a big company behind me to get them widely into local bookstores.

I have had a restaurant owner and two small shop owners ask if they could carry the books in their places, so that’s a possibility I’m looking into as I write this. Also, I plan to offer an American-printed option on Amazon, by request. The prices are so absurd (about $70) because of Amazon’s 60% royalty fee that I don’t recommend buying there unless the American-made option is important to you, or if I run out of extras.

I live outside the United States. Will there be options for international ordering in the future?

Yes per the info above, but read on: As with the pre-orders, any future orders will take place on Etsy. Because I don’t really understand how best to set up international shipping, we’ll have to do a private sale. That means, you will go to our Etsy shop and message me on their platform. Inside the message, I can set up that private sale.

Will there be any events, book signings, or promotions where I might get a copy in the future?

Nope. Truth is, despite 28 years as a high school teacher and a somewhat public presence online, I’m quite the introvert, and that just sounds painful to me. However, as I am most comfortable communicating with written words, I am more than happy to sign a book for you before I mail it to you. 😀

Take a Look Inside

What Folks Have Said

Here’s some of the feedback I received on the original edition. The new version is much expanded and much improved.


The Rollers have done a great job of covering the regions of SC when it comes to BBQ. They leave it up to us to decide which is our favorite. There are numerous sauce, hash, and meat recipes in the book. They have taken the time to put the information in one place making it very easy for you to try and experiment with something new, If you are new to BBQ and want to impress your family and friends, buy the book. It has tried and true recipes and methods that will make you look like a pro! Thank you for taking the time to put this together for us.

Willard Beard


What I liked most about the cookbook is the research and backstories. Even though I grew up on Lexington NC BBQ, you’ve got to get this cookbook as there is much more variety to BBQ in SC, If you can’t decide, this is a labor of love, with a lot of volunteer time and input. It’s by locals for locals and you should support it for that alone.



This cookbook was interesting reading on facts If you want to know more about regional BBQ, buy it. Worth the price. I prefer mustard sauces, make my own and always looking for ideas to make it better. However, I’m not sold on that BBQ was invented in SC.

Russell Harper


All the history… or the how and why things came about is what I like most about the cookbook. Also, Jim is an active publisher. Plus, where else can you get a book with lifetime updates at a great price… especially a cookbook? Maybe he will come out with a book for some of the other big styles of BBQ??

Eric Lipsky


I enjoyed the compilation of recipes and a little history about each. BBQ Lovers and fanatics…….THIS IS THE BOOK YOU NEED! This is your chance to experiment with some of the “Big Boy” recipes! Great coverage of all things BBQ!

Robert Jackson

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James R Snell

Wednesday 11th of October 2023

Jim, I am both glad and sad, glad that you have had a super number of folks to order and sad that we were gone and I missed the chance. When you place another order, I would like to be included Thank you. Jim

James Roller

Wednesday 11th of October 2023

@James R Snell, Thank you an no worries. I have ordered extra books and will offer them for sale once we get these orders processed. Plus, eventually, I expect to have both a digital edition (will be sold on this website) and a (very expensive) American-printed option available as print-on-demand from Amazon. It's pricey for 2 reasons: 1) printing in the US is more than twice the cost of printing overseas 2) Amazon adds in a 60% royalty fee It will probably be in the $70 range, but people have (understandably) requested an American-made option and that's the best I can do.

Look for the digital, US-made, and extra books from the initial order to be available by early 2024.

Lucius (Mike) Gulledge

Friday 6th of October 2023

Jim, so happy for you. I know it’s been a labor of love but wow, what a labor! The digital version is great but I so look forward to having a hard copy to flip thru. It’s been well worth the wait.

James Roller

Friday 6th of October 2023

@Lucius (Mike) Gulledge, Thank you sir. I appreciate the kind words. Looking forward to getting the books shipped as quickly as I can after they arrive and hope you'll find it worth the wait, indeed. Fingers crossed all goes well from here. I'll do my best. Thanks again.


Thursday 5th of October 2023

Would like to order two and have them each signed but there is only one place to add details. Put both of the information there?

James Roller

Thursday 5th of October 2023

@Dale, Good question. Yes. It's just a blank text field. Just write whatever you need me to know in the box and all should be well. I'll shoot you an email, too, as I am not sure this notifies you when I reply.

Doug Hall

Sunday 1st of October 2023

Just made the pre-order! Excited to get it and hoping the process goes smoothly for you.

James Roller

Sunday 1st of October 2023

Thanks, Doug. Things have gone about as well as I could have hoped. Thanks for your support!

Tom Vaughan

Friday 29th of September 2023

Looking forward to seeing all your hard work in a book. Thank you.

James Roller

Friday 29th of September 2023

@Tom Vaughan, I appreciate it. I look forward to finally getting it everyone's hands. Have had such great support; this book was definitely not all my work. Lots of folks to thank for their help along the way. Thank you.

Going Whole Hog Cookbook Available By Early 2024