Bluegrass BBQ in Cowpens, SC

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Bluegrass BBQ

Bluegrass BBQ in Cowpens, SC

Many of our customer tell us, “You make us feel like we are part of the family”, and well, that’s just how we were raised.
Where it all started
Bluegrass BBQ first originated in Kentucky, “the bluegrass state,” hence its name. Out in the middle of a field in Kentucky sat an old 1921 boiler, the first building block for the idea of Bluegrass BBQ. The boiler was then taken and cleaned up, sanitized, and equipped with automatic rotisseries.

Up until 2003 the idea of Bluegrass BBQ’s mobile food truck, often called the “little rolling log cabin” had been just that, an idea. The plans for the trailer were soon drawn up, and then it was hand-built. The boiler turned smoker was painted bright red and mounted onto its new home, where it ​would smoke over 400 lbs of pork a week.

In 2011, Bluegrass BBQ opened its first permanent building location in Greer, SC. It grew quickly, and word spread fast.

In October of 2015, after much prayer and preparation, Bluegrass BBQ opened its second permanent location in Cowpens, SC.

Since day one, the building was packed out, and it’s continued to grow tremendously fast. Many people have asked, “What’s next?” and honestly, we don’t know!

Bluegrass BBQ has so much potential, but as of now, we will continue to anchor in Cowpens, and see where the next few years take us.

We can assure of one thing, we aren’t going anywhere! We have built a clientele like family, and they would be devastated to see us leave. Bluegrass BBQ is proud to call the little town of Cowpens its home now, and we plan to build the business as much as we can here.
As many of our customer tell/told us, “You make us feel like we are part of the family'” and, well, that’s just how we were raised. Meal time is family time.

When the Jordans sit down around the table, we share stories, laughter, and smiles at the dinner table. We only feels it’s right that our customers share that same feeling of “family” when they enjoy our food, and we hope it draws them back several times afterwards. ​


Bluegrass BBQ
5326 S Main Street
Cowpens, SC 29330
United States