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  1. Bands, Brews & BBQ (SCBA)

    February 28 - February 29
  2. The Little Mountain Pigskin Cook-Off (SCBA)

    March 7
  3. Chesterfield High School Pigskin Cook-Off (SCBA)

    March 14 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
  4. Smoke in the ‘Boro (SCBA)

    March 20 - March 21
  5. Benefit BBQ for Boy Scouts (SCBA)

    March 27 - March 28

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Matthews Oak & Hickory BBQ

Matthews BBQ in Saluda, SC

Good southern home-style cooking!!

Delicious pork BBQ with a mustard sauce, home-style green beans, corn, mac-n-cheese, hash and rice and many more down-home foods.

Excellent catering service!

Matthews Oak & Hickory BBQ
212 S. Rudolph Street
Saluda, SC 29138
United States