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Do you love SC BBQ?

Click Now to Join a Facebook group exclusively for true SCBBQ fans.

Today, we invite you to join an amazing Facebook group where almost 1,000 fans of SC BBQ have come together to share their love of the world’s best BBQ.

Whether you love mustard sauce or think it is a poor substitute for vinegar-based, join us in a place where people who love SC BBQ have come together to build a community.

Building our community has taken time, but we will soon be more than 2,000 strong.

To begin, we ask new members, if they like, to introduce themselves by answering 2 simple questions:

  1. What is your favorite sauce type?
  2. What is your favorite SCBBQ restaurant?

Because our members are eager to interact, we have created a vibrant community of real SCBBQ fans who come to the group to share their own SCBBQ experiences, or simply mention a new discount or special being offered at your local SCBBQ joint, maybe even share pictures or a recipe or two.

Who knows how it will evolve as we continue to grow, but we are proud of our community.

In addition, we have invited SCBBQ restaurant owners, pit masters, and others in the business to join as well.

This will give them a chance to reach out and interact with those who most love SCBBQ. They may well offer exclusive specials at their restaurants you cannot get anywhere else, but more than that, it is an opportunity for both sides of the pit to come together and sit at the same table.

Barbecue itself is special and South Carolina barbecue stands alone in the way it brings people together.

Come join us and have a seat at that special table.