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Dukes Bar-B-Que in Ridgeville

Dukes Bar-B-Que in Ridgeville, SC

DUKES BBQ in Ridgeville was started almost 40 years ago by the current owner’s family. DUKES BBQ strives to keep everything family-oriented.

When it comes to SC BBQ, Dukes is one of the great family names. There are a number of Dukes restaurants scattered throughout the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Dukes, however, is not a chain and while all are loosely connected by family ties, they’re all separate and unique restaurants.

This article by Robert Moss sheds some light on the Dukes BBQ business and its history, going back to the original Earl Dukes of Orangeburg.

Dukes Bar-B-Que in Ridgeville
118 N. Railroad Ave.
Ridgeville, SC 29472
United States