Sadler's Creek BBQ in Anderson, SC

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Sadler’s Creek BBQ

Sadler's Creek in S Anderson, SC

You can’t rush good BBQ. Come see us.

This is small, family-owned BBQ House that was started by Jim Holbrook and his father Morgan Holbrook in May of 1999. In April 2018, Jennifer Hawkins became the new owner of Sadler’s Creek.

It is a unique dining experience for everyone.

Jim said, “Just wanted to try some BBQ years ago and sorta got in my blood. Now it been 16-17 years my dad has passed and my family (wife and kids) kept it going. Been a lot of work and commitment and has surprised people how a Saturday BBQ joint has made it we’ve fed a lot of folks along the way.

We smoke our Hams for 24 hours, then our BBQ is chopped and sauced with our own recipe of BBQ sauce. We serve ribs by the pound. We also have BBQ chicken, chicken fingers, slaw, beans, hand-pressed fries and Brunswick stew.

“We cook 18-20 lbs green hams approx 17-18 hours. St Louis ribs and make our family Brunswick stew that has done well . Sweet, chopped fine cole slaw that’s really good.

“People like our hot BBQ sauce– little bite to it.”

The restaurant’s location and surroundings represents a true southern BBQ experience.

We have a small menu with a great atmosphere. We are located on 9 acres of land and offer a scenic outdoor dining area that is pet-friendly.

Come enjoy our front porch lined with rocking chairs.

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Sadler’s Creek BBQ
1721 Highway 187 South
Anderson, SC 29626
United States