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Hog Heaven, Pawley’s Island, SC

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July 14, 2012

We decided to stop by Hog Heaven on the way back home from Myrtle Beach, where we had eaten at Little Pigs BBQ earlier in the day. Hog Heaven is an eye-catching establishment right on 17 just outside of Pawley’s on the way to Georgetown.

Because we had already had BBQ that day, we opted to pick up a pound to go, and, by now, Camden had grown hungry, so we picked up a half slab of ribs for him. Seemed a shame to pass it without at least trying their food since it was right there on our path. So consider this more a preview than a review.

As mentioned above, Hog Heaven is an eclectic-looking place on the roadside. As you enter, you see a lobby decorated with T-shirts and sauces for sale as well as a cash register for picking up takeout orders. Down a step or two into the dining area, there’s also a decent-sized buffet for those who are dining in. I could not see the items on the buffet, but I understand in addition to the barbecue there is a really great fried chicken and, of course, a number of sides and desserts.

After waiting quite a while for my turn ( I was third in line when I entered and the cashier wasn’t the most efficient person in the room), I placed an order for the barbecue and the ribs and awaited their delivery. There was, indeed, a smell of smokiness to the room when I walked in, which is usually a good sign.

Eventually, the order arrived. I added a sampling of all their sauces to the order, paid ($20.40), and headed out to the car where a curious Heather and Camden were wondering what took so long. That explained, we hit the road.

The BBQ was pulled, not chopped. Good. It had a certain smokiness. Good. Flavor without sauce? Good.

I found their sauces to be their weakness. I didn’t find any of them to be great, but overall, I think Hog Heaven’s BBQ is worth another try one day.

As for their ribs, not so much. Camden ate most of them and as of this writing (two weeks later), he couldn’t even remember eating them. My recollection is just as sketchy, but I do remember thinking I wouldn’t order them again.

Again, we didn’t take in the full Hog Heaven experience, but if you’re driving by, we do feel comfortable suggesting that you stop in for a good quality pulled pork.

Hog Heaven’s Business Hours and Location

Here is Hog Heaven’s location:


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Hours of Operation:

Every day  11:30am – 9pm



(843) 237-7444



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