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Rizer’s Pork & Produce

Rizer's Pork & Produce in Lodge

You know the places… cozy country establishments where the people are friendly, the tea is sweet and the food is fresh. That’s Rizer’s Pork & Produce, a store, restaurant and catering business in the small town of Lodge, SC.

The Rizer family has been farming hogs and growing vegetables since I.N. and Daisy Rizer started their farm in 1952. Two of their sons joined the family farm and, in 2000, opened Rizer’s Pork & Produce to sell their homegrown vegetables and pork products.

Located in Colleton County, it is worth the drive down a two-lane road to reach Rizer’s for a country buffet lunch or one of the bi-monthly steak nights.

We are open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday 8am-3pm. Closed Sundays.

Buffet is open Wed-Sat 11am-2pm all you can eat. We have our steak night January-August, every second and fourth Saturday from 5pm-9pm.

We are a specialty store. We sell our pork products and our produce during our regular business hours (mon-fri 8-5, sat 8-3). But we have our lunch buffet open wed-sat 11am-2pm. (No prepared food monday or Tuesday).

We make our own BBQ sauce from a family recipe. Our bbq sauce is a ketchup/vinegar base and it is thin (and delicious). We have it already poured on our bbq meat so it really gets soaked into the meat to get all the flavors when you eat it.

You can order a whole hog or cuts from us. Pretty much anything. We raise our own hogs. They can be purchased BBQ’d or not.


Rizer’s Pork & Produce
2398 Confederate Hwy
Lodge, SC 29082
United States