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Going Whole Hog – SC BBQ Cookbook for Sauces, Rubs, Hash, Meats, Sides

Who makes the best barbecue in South Carolina?

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It won’t be long before all your friends are saying that you do, once you start using the authentic recipes in our SC BBQ Cookbook.

In SCBBQ Recipes: Going Whole Hog, 1st edition, we have assembled all of our most delicious recipes into one convenient and comprehensive package. Instead of having to search all over our website, you’ll have all our published recipes —  and many more we haven’t  published online — organized and accessible in one easy-to-read and easy-to-search e-cookbook.

SC BBQ Cookbook Cover

What’s in the cookbook?

This e-cookbook is organized into four sections, covering almost 150 pages of recipes, history and more:

  • Sauces and Rubs
  • Hash
  • Meats
  • Sides

Each recipe comes complete with not only the ingredients and instructions needed to create the dish, but also includes the story behind the recipe or some background information about the person, family, or restaurant who created it.

Where do the recipes come from?

The collected recipes come from some of SC’s most renowned pitmasters, it is true; however, many of the recipes are from generations-old family recipes that readers submitted to us. So, you’ll find recipes from pitmasters John Lewis and Rodney Scott alongside family recipes from regular folks like Dustin Moore and Michael Ott.

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And while we published the “actual recipe” for Dukes amazing “Rust Gravy” BBQ sauce, we also have a copycat recipe for the onion rings made so famous by the Bessinger family.

We also cover a South Carolina original, hash, in-depth.

Hash varies around the state. South Carolina — arguably the birthplace of BBQ — has yellow hashes and red hashes, and while most SCBBQ places serve pork-based hashes, we also take a look at an upstate beef hash recipe in honor of Rep.Olin R. Phillips that is so good that you can simply serve on a bun as they did at Willard’s in Gaffney so many years ago.

So, the recipes come from wide-ranging sources and cover just about everything you’ll find in an authentic SCBBQ restaurant.

Tell me about some of the recipes:

What an amazing digital collection of authentic SCBBQ recipes we have assembled for you. If you love SC BBQ as we do, you will appreciate this collection.

There are so many great recipes, we wouldn’t know where to start. What if we just list them all?

Sauces and Rubs:

Vinegar-Pepper Sauces

  • Jay Phillips’ Whole Hog Sauce Recipe
  • Dad’s Mop Sauce Recipe
  • Eastern SC Vinegar-Pepper Sauce Recipe
  • Moore Family’s Little Fisher Hog Sauce Recipe
  • Lowcountry Vinegar Sauce Recipe

Mustard Sauces

  • Swig & Swine’s Mustard BBQ Sauce Recipe
  • Dukes BBQ-Style Sauce Recipe
  • Dukes BBQ Sauce – “Actual Recipe”
  • Simple South Carolina Mustard Sauce Recipe
  • Bessinger’s-Style Gold Sauce Recipe

Tomato-Based Sauces

  • John Padgett’s Kansas City BBQ Sauce Recipe
  • Honey-Hickory Barbecue Sauce Recipe
  • Bullies BBQs Thin Basting Sauce Recipe
  • Cherrywood Signature BBQ Sauce Recipe
  • “Carolina Red” Light Tomato Barbecue Sauce Recipe
  • Basic Tomato Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Other Sauces

  • Home Team BBQ Alabama White Sauce Recipe
  • Moe’s Original BBQ’s Alabama White Sauce Recipe
  • Brisket Mojo Sauce Recipe
  • Roller Family Hot Sauce Recipe
  • Salsa Verde with Avocado for Pulled Pork Recipe


  • Sticky Fingers’ Basic Dry Rub Recipe
  • Sticky Fingers’ Sweet Rib Rub Recipe
  • Sticky Fingers’ Texas Rub Recipe
  • BlackJack Barbecue Dry Rub Recipe
  • Home Team BBQ Dry Rub Recipe for Chicken Wings
  • John Lewis BBQ-Style Brisket Dry Rub Recipe
  • JB’s Smokeshack-Style Spicy Dry Rub Recipe



Whole Hog

  • Building a Cinder Block Pit
  • Cooking a Whole Hog

Pork Cuts

  • Pawleys Island Pulled Pork Recipe
  • Swig & Swine’s Smoked Ham Recipe
  • Jimmy Hagood’s Sweet & Spicy Smoked Pork Recipe
  • Jimmy Hagood’s Barbecue Pork Shoulder
  • Jimmy Hagood’s Slow-Cooked Dry Ribs
  • Aaron Siegel’s Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon-Glazed Pork Ribs Recipe


  • Home Team BBQ’s Smoked Chicken Wing Recipe
  • Tiger O’Rourke’s Bacon Maple Bourbon Chicken Wings Recipe
  • Billy Quinn’s Fruity Beer Can Chicken Recipe


  • Dukes BBQ-Style Hash Recipe
  • Aull Family Thanksgiving Hash Recipe
  • Andy Jumper’s SCBBQ Hash Recipe
  • Carolina Outdoor Cooking’s Easy Hash Recipe
  • Jason’s Red Hash Recipe
  • Olin R. Phillips’s Upstate Beef Hash Recipe


  • Rodney Scott’s Collard Greens Recipe
  • Rodney Scott’s Banana Puddin’ Family Recipe
  • Melvin’s Legendary Collard Greens Recipe
  • Fried Corn, Shuler’s BBQ-Style
  • Swig and Swine’s Pork Rinds with Tabasco, Honey, & Blue Cheese Recipe
  • Swig & Swine’s Pimento Cheese Recipe
  • Swig & Swine’s Quick And Easy Creamy Coleslaw Recipe
  • Swig and Swine’s Beans with Brisket Recipe
  • Home Team BBQ’s Mac and Cheese Recipe
  • Home Team BBQ’s Collards Recipe
  • Jimmy Hagood’s Cast-Iron Skillet Corn Bread With Cane Syrup Recipe
  • Jimmy Hagood’s Lowcountry Brunswick Stew Recipe
  • John Lewis’s Hatch Green Chile Corn Pudding Recipe
  • Lewis Barbecue-Style Cole Slaw Recipe
  • John Lewis’s Buttermilk Potato Salad Recipe
  • John Lewis’s Hatch Chile-Cheese Biscuits Recipe
  • Price’s Bar-B-Que’s Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
  • Price’s Bar-B-Que’s Broccoli Cornbread Muffins Recipe
  • Joe Dabney’s Palmetto-Style Hush Puppies
  • Bessinger’s Copycat Onion Ring Recipe

How do I get a copy?

Copies are available for purchase here.

What’s next?

This is only the beginning.

We have already heard from several SCBBQ pitmasters and restaurants who want to be included in the second edition, including more recipes from Home Team BBQ and Melvin’s Legendary BBQ along with new contributions from pitmaster Gregg Howard of Charleston’s RightOnQue. And while we don’t anticipate releasing a second edition until this time next year at the earliest, it is never too late to begin collecting!

If you have a favorite family recipe, we’d love to publish it on the site and include it in the next edition as well. Recipes can be submitted here or emailed to me at [email protected].

In addition, we expect to release a first edition print version of this cookbook in conjunction with the second edition of the digital version.

So, lots coming, but lots to enjoy now!

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Carol Harbor

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

where can a hardcover, printed edition of this cookbook be purchased?--Going Whole Hog (NOT a digital or pdf)

James Roller

Tuesday 20th of June 2023

@Carol Harbor, as of this writing, there is not one available. Currently, I am working on a revised and expanded edition that I expect to release in all forms, digital, paperback and hardcover. Stay tuned...