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SCBBQ Marketplace: Coming Soon

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NOTE: Shortly after we launched our marketplace, the platform we were building on dropped the plan we were using and we had to shutter the marketplace.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had one place you could shop for all of SC’s best BBQ products?

Yea…we thought so, too.

Over the last several months, we have been working behind the scenes to create an online marketplace to help SCBBQ restaurants, competition BBQ teams, and small, individual merchants who make and sell their own SCBBQ products bring their products to you.

We are very excited to announce that Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ will be a founding member of our market.

This marketplace is not unlike Amazon or Etsy: one location online where many different, unique and special vendors come to set up shop and sell their products online.

Or, on a local level, you could compare it to a shopping mall. At the mall, you have lots of different merchants offering their own special products for sale. They are all unique and separate but have gathered together in one place to give customers an easy way to shop.

Our marketplace is not a site-owned store making profits just for ourselves, but an online mall where any and all who have SCBBQ products for sale can come to reach a larger audience and show those potential customers what makes them special.

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It is designed to help everyone in the SCBBQ business, from Maurice’s, the biggest name in the SCBBQ market, to that little guy in Colleton County bottling his own sauces with the help of the Colleton Kitchen. Then there is the competition BBQ team from Greenwood that is relatively new to the scene, but already has its award-winning products for sale.

By bringing them all together, we hope to also help you as a lover of all things SCBBQ find and procure the SCBBQ products you love. Our goal will be to make it simple to find, buy and enjoy authentic SCBBQ products.

Hopefully, you find this as exciting as we do….but, unfortunately, the marketplace is not quite ready yet.

We are just wrapping up the work on the “back-end” of the marketplace, and we haven’t yet extended official invitations to any vendor to begin creating their accounts and loading their products on the market. That stage will come very soon.

In the meantime, let me tell you a little more about the market.

Customers should know that:

  • It will simply be called Destination: BBQ, and we will link to it from the menu of this site when it goes live.
  • Vendors have to request permission to join the marketplace, so while anyone can sell, we will first make sure they have the kind of products you would be looking for.
  • All vendors will be verified, SC-based merchants. No national chains, no out-of-state vendors, only people in the SCBBQ business.
  • You will be able to set up an account with us or simply check out as “Guest.”
  • You will be able to rate and review all vendors and read what others have had to say about any vendor.
  • All transactions are between you and the seller, but if there are any problems, we will have a dispute resolution process.
  • All transactions will be made securely and privately using Stripe, one of the web’s leading payment platforms. We will never see or have access to your payment details.
  • Buyer is protected by Stripe’s buyer protection policy.

Vendors should know that:

  • You will have to apply to join the marketplace and verify that you are SC-based.
  • Account set up is simple and there is no cost to join and no limit or cost on listing products.
  • There is a 10% commission fee on all transactions. Fees go to cover the cost of the platform, to pay for advertising you and the marketplace in general, and to pay administrative costs.
  • You must set up an account with Stripe. It is simple and free. There are never any fees except actual card transaction fees (typically: 2.9%+.30). No monthly fee or set up fees. Nothing else.
  • Seller is protected by Stripe’s seller protection policy.
  • All market transactions are between you and the customer, but we’ll intercede if there are problems.
  • We’ll promote you and your products on our site, on our social media pages, and elsewhere.
  • You set all your own prices for each item. Taxes should be included in your base price.
  • You set shipping options/prices per item; you can also offer pickups from a physical location.
  • Get great photos of your products; the site will be very visual in nature. The better your story, the photos, and descriptions, the better your sales.
  • Consider creating a multi-product offering (e.g. gift basket) as they are more attractive to consumers than individual items alone.
  • Consider building awareness and anticipation among your audience by sharing your future participation

Stay tuned for more information as we move toward our projected launch date of mid-summer.

One final request: If you know anyone in the SCBBQ business, please share this with them and please share with me your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.


Monday 1st of May 2017

Great idea, this will help vendors and the state of ecommerce in our community.

James Roller

Monday 1st of May 2017

Thanks! That is the goal. If you know any SCBBQ vendors, would love to get them aboard before we launch. Would appreciate you spreading the word. Good to hear from you again! Jim