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Shealy’s and Farm Boy’s BBQ

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Once again, I find our dining is outpacing my writing. Life could be worse…

The result of my laggardly ways leaves me with the need to write another catch-up piece with more promises to return to writing a single review for each place we visit from here forward. So, here is our take on two new places:

In mid-April, Heather, Camden, his friend Declan, Dixie (our dog) and I headed up to Dreher Island State Park in the Columbia area to camp on what turned out to be the most frigid of spring breaks ever. Literally, the temperature dropped to freezing with us in our little pop-up camper with no heat. In the middle of April… I hate camping…


Me. April 16, 2014. Low that morning of 32 degrees. Did  I mention it was the middle of April?

Barbecue, on the other hand, I really enjoy. This trip was bookended with stops for BBQ on the way in and on the way out.

Shealy’s BBQ – Batesburg-Leesville, SC

On the way in, we detoured back over to Batesburg-Leesville to visit “the other” BBQ joint, Shealy’s.  Previously, we had stopped in this small hamlet to dine at Jackie Hite’s. We knew one day we’d have to return to try out Shealy’s and this trip provided the opportunity.

Shealy’s is a nice facility. Just comparing the two, I would guess Shealy’s has had more success financially than Hite’s. Shealy’s seems to be more of an institution of the community. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the food is better. That was to be determined.

We entered and paid something around $45 for the four of us to have the buffet. We entered to find what looks like your standard country buffet line. You could serve yourself from either side of the line.

We filled our plates and found a seat. The restaurant is filled with long tables set end to end and it is community dining where you share your table with whoever else might choose to sit near you. The barbeque is cooked with propane, which always leaves you short of having exceptional BBQ, but the pork was fine. Nothing great, but good, typical buffet BBQ.

Shealy’s has a great reputation and we don’t wish to stain it, but if I’m looking for BBQ in the Batesburg-Leesville area, I think I would head back over to Hite’s.


Farm Boys BBQ – Chapin, SC

We hit Farm Boys on the way home from our frigid spring break trip. We first ran across Farm Boys when we took a quick detour to visit Cannon’s BBQ in Little Mountain on a trip to see my mom. There wasn’t a soul there on a Saturday afternoon, and we took that as a bad sign. Turns out they must have been on vacation or something because when we returned on this trip, there were people waiting in line to get in when we arrived just before they opened for the day.

Farm Boys has a nice facility had a good crowd eating with them that day. We made the mistake of sitting at the table right next to the line to the buffet.

I got the plate you see here, with the collards, baked beans, butter beans and pickles, fried skin, rice and hash, and a nice

Farm Boy's BBQFarm Boy's BBQ

Farm Boy’s BBQ

helping of BBQ.  Farm Boys had two sauces: mustard, which is typical of the Midlands, and a vinegar-pepper. As I am writing this much later than I should have, I only have faint recollections of the sauces. What I remember is that their mustard was not standard mustard like you might see in Batesburg or Orangeburg, or elsewhere around the Midlands. It was better in my opinion.  Also, the vinegar-pepper sauce was interesting and tasty. Nothing close to Scott’s or McCabe’s but ok, nonetheless.

Their sides were typical country buffet: good, but not great. Their desserts were really lacking and totally uninteresting. If they have one area I would suggest they improve, it is in deserts.

The BBQ itself was moist and good and carried a smoky flavor.

This will end our string of “catch up” recollections written too long after the fact to fairly call them reviews. From here on out, we will give each place we visit a full and fair review and promise head back to Shealy’s and Farm Boys when the chance provides to give a fuller account.




Business Hours and Location

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Wed & Sun: Closed

Other Days11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Business Hours and Location

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