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McCabe’s BBQ, Manning, SC

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McCabe’s is a place that we have heard about from a number of different sources now.

Well, some family friends who were vacationing near there did us the favor of picking up 2 pounds of McCabe’s pulled pork BBQ. (What nice friends!)

What follows will be a preliminary review since we have not visited them ourselves:

Wow… this is the best BBQ we’ve eaten since we visited Scott’s. This is truly exceptional BBQ. We are beginning to see that there are levels of quality among BBQ vendors.

McCabe’s stands on par with Scott’s. We would still give Scott’s the edge, but it is exceptionally close. And both Scott’s and McCabe’s stand alone above the others we have tried.

Here’s the story:

Our friend, Sandy, stopped by McCabe’s and picked up 2 pounds for us. I don’t know how much it cost because she wouldn’t tell us.

They asked her if we wanted the sauce on top or would she prefer a pint to go. (How I wish now she’d gotten a pint… or a quart…. or a gallon!) She allowed them to pour it on top, which was fine and delicious.

When she got back to Mount Pleasant, she dropped in to make the delivery. The house is a bit chaotic at the moment with Heather working on Camden’s birthday cake, and me, ironically, typing up the Sweatman’s review.

We don’t sit down to a plate right away, but I cannot resist a sample. I take a bite and close the styrofoam container to put it in the fridge.

On first taste, it was clear that Scott’s has finally gotten some competition.

This is exceptional BBQ – have I mentioned that yet?

I don’t know what it is that separates the truly great BBQ from the others, but when you find it, you know it — immediately.

There is a smokiness to the meat, a tang to the sauce followed by the heat of the pepper that lingers together on your tongue after you have swallowed your first bite.

That one bite is sublime, and you know it. You don’t even have to take another bite for a while out of appreciation for the first one.

That is just how good this BBQ is.

But, of course, you simply couldn’t stop with one bite. So, you repeatedly sneak back to the fridge to sample, again and again, awaiting the moment when the house has settled down enough to enjoy the offering properly.

When it does, bit by bit, everyone seems just as impressed as you.

Bottom line: is it worth the trip?

Answer: yes…it WILL be.  Can’t wait for our first visit to McCabe’s!

Here is a map of McCabe’s location:

Hours of Operation:

Thur – Sat: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm (4 pm on Fri)


(803) 435-2833


Cash Only


Wednesday 29th of January 2014

I have eaten there for over 35 years and it is definitely worth the trip! My all time favorite BBQ restaurant by far!


Monday 2nd of July 2012

You have to pay McCabes a visit in Manning. It's old school. Reminder - they do not take cards, so bring a check or cash. All you can eat plus tea is $10.88. Remember to try their fried chicken, and put the hash over the perlou rice.


Monday 2nd of July 2012

McCabe's is absolutely on our "must-visit" list. It took one bite of cold, day (or two) old BBQ and we knew McCabe's was special. Very much looking forward to a visit. Thanks!