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Bessinger’s Bar-Be-Que

Bessinger's BBQ in West Ashley (Charleston)

At Bessinger’s Barbeque, you’ll get true Carolina-style Southern barbeque carefully prepared with the highest-quality ingredients and a personal touch.

The Bessingers are the first family of barbeque in South Carolina, known for their legendary mustard-based barbeque sauce, a Carolina classic since the 1930s. By keeping the business in the family and taking a hands-on approach to managing the restaurant, Thomas Bessinger and his sons, Tommy and Michael, have maintained a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes customers and makes them feel like they’re part of the family.

That attention to customer service and the best barbeque in the South have made Bessinger’s a true legend. As a family, they’ve preserved the authentic flavor and vision of family patriarch, “Big Joe” Bessinger, and that’s what keeps customers coming back time and again.

Among other things, Bessinger’s serves:

Chopped Pork (shoulders and hams smoked using wood and coals)

CAB Brisket

St.Louis Style Ribs

Smoked Wings

Smoked Half Chicken

Smoked Pulled Chicken

The SC BBQ Association has recognized Bessinger’s as 100-mile BBQ, BBQ so good it’s worth driving 100 miles for.

100 Mile BBQ Review.

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Bessinger’s Bar-Be-Que
1602 Savannah Highway
Charleston, SC 29407
United States