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Fat Daddy’s BBQ

Fat Daddy's BBQ in Greenwood

Find Fat Daddy’s BBQ Uptown

Fat Daddy’s BBQ, located in Hampton Plaza in Greenwood, proudly serves BBQ, hash, ribs, and much more.

“Business is booming” said Chris Reeder, owner of the new Greenwood location.

Billy Ray Reeder, Chris’s father, started the original Fat Daddy’s BBQ in Cross Hill, SC. The elder Reeder would exchange tips and recipes with his sons. He would then implement their findings and advice. The improved dishes quickly made the Cross Hill restaurant into a go-to location for Lakelands barbecue fans.

With its success, Chris saw the potential of the Fat Daddy’s brand and the progress made in Greenwood itself and decided to open the 4,000-square foot restaurant located in Uptown Greenwood’s Shoppes at Hampton Place.

“The city has made huge strides and continue to make progress, and my family and I would love to be part of that,” Chris said. “It was a great opportunity for me and my family to come back to Greenwood. I grew up here. We’re all in on this.”

Chris is a Lakelands native. He spent a dozen years in Charleston running Jim ‘N Nick’s and helping to open Rodney Scott’s BBQ.  Now he plans to lean upon his experience and build upon his father’s creation.

Fat Daddy’s BBQ has won its share of fans already.

“Fat Daddy’s has great food,” said Sean Butler, a Greenwood native. “The brisket is so flavorful I almost felt guilty putting sauce on it, though the sauces were fantastic, too. The portions were reasonable but not huge, which I appreciate because it meant I could enjoy everything on my plate without feeling awful afterward.”

Another Greenwood native, Cynthia Ethers said, “There was such a nice atmosphere, friendly informative staff, an efficient ordering system. And the owner was making sure that every customer felted welcomed.

Reeder hopes his efforts to not only serve great BBQ but to be visible and welcoming to his patrons, will allow Fat Daddy’s BBQ to have a ripple effect for his fellow Uptown proprietors.

“If the buzz is to come Uptown and eat barbecue on Thursday here, it’s also going to cause a buzz for people going to the Mill House and others places. It becomes a place to go, and that’s a big deal.”

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Fat Daddy’s BBQ
115 Hampton Ave.
Suite H
Greenwood, SC 29649
United States