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Henry’s Smokehouse

Henry's Smokehouse on Woodruff in Greenville, SC

“Leanest Butt in town!”

We used the best ingredients, the leanest butt in town. Our BBQ is cooked in the old-fashioned Southern tradition. We place top choice meats in open BBQ pits with hickory logs and cook them to perfection at low temperatures. Henry’s cooks its pork butts for 12 hours and its ribs for over 8 hours.

If you have ever had meat cooked long and hickory logs in the BBQ pit slow, and experienced the fall-off-the-bone tenderness and the distinctive hickory flavor, you begin to understand, why Henry’s Barbeque is becoming legendary.We use the old fashion style of low and slow. Cooking almost 1000 lbs of meat per day, we use select butts, cooked over a low fire for nearly 14 hours. We then hand pull all our BBQ removing excess fat and gristle and hand chop it. Ready to serve a delicious, tender, and moist product. Automation seen in other restaurants may be faster, but at Henry’s, we believe in the traditional hand-pulled and selective style.
Our ribs are select St Louis cut ribs, slow smoked for nearly 6 hours, seasoned and served to perfection using our own dry rub recipe.
Chicken is a boneless, skinless, breast. Trimmed to our standards and slow smoked to maintain maximum moistness.

We serve brisket as a special on Fridays and Saturdays.

Brisket is slow smoked for 12 hours, seasoned with our own special brisket rub. You have to get there early for this one it sells out every time.

Finest quality pork butt is prepared to be cured into the best BBQ by the Barbeque specialists at Henry’s Smoke House

Our barbeque is served with a choice of sauces on the side: Henry’s tomato based mild BBQ sauce and a mustard based spicy sauce.

So, check our menu for BBQ and pork ribs, pull up a chair, roll up your sleeves, and dig into the best Southern BBQ in South Carolina… Henry’s!

Henry’s is home of the “Leanest Butt in town!” 
We’ve won “Best in the Upstate” for 17 years
Third place whole hog in Tryon NC Blue Ridge BBQ Festival. 
First place People’s choice for NBBQ Association
Best sauce by the Greenville Journal. 
First place ribs Project Host BBQ cook off
First place wings Project Host BBQ cook off
1st place Potato salad Tryon BBQ festival 2012
4th place potato salad Tryon BBQ Festival 2014
Playboy magazine June 2002 said, “Best BBQ in the world”

(Street View of building unavailable. Look for Henry’s in the Bi-Lo shopping complex.)

The SC BBQ Association has deemed Henry’s BBQ to be 100-Mile BBQ, BBQ worth driving 100 miles for.

Read their review here.




Henry’s Smokehouse
1824 Woodruff Road
Greenville, SC 29607
United States