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True BBQ – West Columbia

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Camden and I stopped for a quick meal at True BBQ in West Columbia on the way back from Atlanta, where we dropped Heather off for a flight and caught a Braves game.

True BBQ was just off our route home. We were hungry so we made a quick stop, and we’re glad we did…. but not for the BBQ.

Camden and I pulled up and hopped out of the car. There was a cooker/smoker in the front lot. There was an urban feel to the location, and, being in Columbia, I wasn’t surprised to find we were greeted with South Carolina Gamecock paraphernalia when we entered the store.

The owner greeted us warmly and noticing I was wearing my Clemson hat, told me we were welcome; that is was “all love in here.” And that they appreciate customers of all colors — Orange and Garnet, alike. The folks running True BBQ are very nice and that adds a lot to the visit. You should consider visiting just to meet them.

Camden and I checked the menu and placed our order. Camden, of course, got ribs with baked beans, and mac and cheese. I got collards, of course, and baked beans along with my BBQ plate.

We soon got our orders.

The sign out front brags that True BBQ has the “best hash and rice in SC,” and the truth of the matter is that they do. I haven’t eaten a better hash anywhere.

The hash and rice are the stars of the show. In fact, Camden’s ribs and my pork weren’t even served on the main plate. They each came on a side plate orbiting around the center of this universe: the hash. It was worthy of such praise.

The BBQ, on the other hand, was average at best. The pork came chopped, and not really chopped either. Most accurately, it was diced pork. Probably ok for a sandwich, but I found it a bit odd on a plate. Also, probably because it was chopped so fine, I found the pork a touch dry.

Fortunately, they have two sauces to solve that problem: the pretty lady and the sexy lady. Don’t remember which was which, but stay with the mustard-based version. The vinegar-pepper sauce was not a great rendition. When vinegar-pepper is done right, it is sublime, but when it is done poorly, it is just bad. And while I hesitate to say it was bad, I will say pick the other one.

Camden’s ribs had good flavor and were not overcooked. The provided some bite and didn’t simply fall off the bone. There was good smokiness, but it was not overpowering. Very good.

But in the end, you will eat at True BBQ for the hash and the people. And for both, it is worth the stop.

Business Hours and Location

Here is a map of True BBQ’s location:

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Hours of Operation:

Wed-Sat: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm


(803) 791-9950


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True BBQ - West Columbia; Interior

True BBQ – West Columbia; Interior

True BBQ - West Columbia; Plate

True BBQ – West Columbia; Plate

True BBQ - West Columbia; Camden's Plate and Ribs

True BBQ – West Columbia; Camden’s Plate and Ribs

True BBQ - West Columbia; Sign

True BBQ – West Columbia; Sign