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The Southern Belly BBQ on Colonial Life Blvd in Columbia

The Southern Belly on Colonial Life Blvd. in Columbia, SC

The Southern Belly BBQ: “Ad astra per alia porci”

The Southern Belly BBQ is a barbecue sandwich joint located on Colonial Life Blvd. Our mission is to make the world’s best barbecue sandwiches.

(By the way “ad astra per alia porci” translates as “to the stars on the wings of a pig,” but you Steinbeck fans probably already knew that.)

Unlike other BBQ joints, pretty much all we do is make great sandwiches. We uniquely craft each of our seven sandwiches and paired them with a variety of toppings. Each served with a side of Lay’s original chips, coleslaw, and one of seven of our made-from-scratch dipping sauces.

In addition, we cater and we do a lot more than sandwiches and barbecue.

So, if its southern comfort food that you’re looking for, we would love to help you with your catering needs.

Also, we strive to use sustainably farmed fresh local ingredients, humanely raised beef, chicken, pork, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, organic fruits, vegetables, fresh-baked bread, and all-natural made from scratch sauces.

In short, we are putting a new spin on barbecue, new recipes, new seasonings, new sauces, and new exciting toppings and sides… Barbecue unleashed!


If you’re on a Road Trip heading through Columbia or just in the area, The Southern Belly BBQ on Colonial is worth the stop.

What Folks are Saying about The Southern Belly BBQ on Colonial

Google Review

Reviewer Warren Eck had a lot to say in this Google Review of The Southern Belly BBQ:

My wife and I love the South and love to travel. In fact, we typically chart our driving course from BBQ joint to BBQ joint. It makes for tasty trips and we’re always hunting for something new or different.

Today’s quest led us to The Southern Belly – of all names – and it was new to us and different.

Typically, I get ribs and she gets chicken. Typically places offer sauces that are “sweet, mild, or hot”. But as I said, this place is different.

First, no half chicken or rack of ribs. My first thought – Oh, no! OK, so I guess I’m ready for “different”. Different here is spelled “sandwiches” – and just sandwiches.

How many ways can you make “high-quality slow oak roasted traditional closed pit southern pulled pork” sandwichs? From the menu, I counted 8! So we will need a number of visits to figure out a favorite. Today we started safe with one called the “Traditional”.

Now let’s see – the sauce. Sweet, mild or hot? Nope. Remember, this place is different. Here there are – count ’em – 7 sauces, all “made from scratch.” I went for the namesake, “Southern Belly”. My wife chose “Rebel Red.” Next time maybe “Midas or Yum Yum or Sherman or even Dark Side”.

The result?? It was why you need to come here: FLAVOR!!!!  Get back in your car and say as we did, “Now THAT was good food!” No disappointment here.

Add the pleasantries of our server, Laura, and we marked our travel map to stop here again. When it’s got to be BBQ and you’re ready for taste and flavor beyond the “same old”, head over here and try this out!

Yelp Review

Over on Yelp, local Daniel M from Lexington has tried his share of BBQ and this won’t be his last trip to The Southern Belly BBQ on Colonial:

I have been on a bit of a bbq tear lately and I’m really glad I found this little spot nestled in the area.

The scene is very unique and relaxed. It’s a seat yourself kind of place with large grouped tables and bench seating. They have a number of different sandwiches available and I highly recommend the Django and the SouthernBelly sandwich.

The Django is for those that like it spicy, loaded with jalapeños and pepper jack cheese. The meat was competition-grade, seasoned well, and just the perfect tenderness.

Likewise, The Southern Belly is a nice contrast with a sweet and tangy white bbq sauce. This was the first white bbq sauce I had ever tried and it was really tasty. The meat again was perfectly done with a great standalone flavor.

For those that don’t like a ton of sauce, they serve it on the side so you pick your level of saucy awesomeness!

This is a great spot for lunch in the middle of the day or a great meal after work with friends. I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

The Southern Belly BBQ on Colonial Life Blvd in Columbia
1410 Colonial Life Blvd W
Suite 150
Columbia, SC 29210
United States