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The Southern Belly on Colonial Life Blvd in Columbia

The Southern Belly on Colonial Life Blvd. in Columbia, SC

The Southern Belly is a barbecue sandwich joint located near┬áthe University of South Carolina. Our mission is to make the world’s best barbecue sandwiches.

Unlike other BBQ joints, pretty much all we do is make great sandwiches. Each of our seven sandwiches is uniquely crafted and paired with a variety of toppings Each served with a side of Lay’s original chips, coleslaw, and one of seven of our made-from-scratch dipping sauces.

We cater and we do a lot more than sandwiches and barbecue.

If its southern comfort food that you’re looking for, we would love to help you with your catering needs.

We strive to use sustainably farmed fresh local ingredients, humanely raised beef, chicken, pork, hormone free, antibiotic free, organic fruits, vegetables, fresh-baked breads, and all natural made from scratch sauces.

We are putting a new spin on barbecue, new recipes, new seasonings, new sauces, and new exciting toppings and sides… Barbecue unleashed!


The Southern Belly on Colonial Life Blvd in Columbia
1410 Colonial Life Blvd W
Suite 150
Columbia, SC 29210
United States