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Scott’s BBQ Documentary

Ran across this documentary on Rodney Scott of Scott’s BBQ in Hemingway, SC, when doing some research online on Cooper’s Country Store in nearby Salters, SC.  Really great feature by Joe York of University of Mississippi’s Media and Documentary Projects, which I stumbled across on the Southern Foodways Alliance website.

Really does a great job of showing not only Scott’s love for what he does, but also all the hard work that goes into such incredible BBQ.

There is a reason one of the simple truths we’ve learned in our BBQ tour is that if you want exceptional BBQ, you have to wait until Thursday to start your search.

Worth a watch. Enjoy:


  • lala says:

    Scott’s Bar-B-Que is some of thee best I have ever eaten. Here is a link to a New York Time article about their Bar-b-que.

    You should try Brown’s Bar-B-Que in Kingstree, SC. It is not as good as Scott’s but it is pretty good.

  • Kathy & Bob Cerone, transplanted from N.Y. to S.C. says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed your video…Such hard work. You’ve got to love your artisitic creativity to work this hard…Being a professional cook for 30’s it brought tears to my eyes, & not from bbq smoke.
    Great video writer, director. producer…Kudos !

  • Kathy & Bob Cerone, transplanted from N.Y. to S.C. says:

    Where did my comment go, oh well….Kudos to Scott & family & writer director producer of this film…..( a retired chef/cook of 30 yrs.)

  • jroller says:

    Thanks, but we deserve no credit for the video. We simply embedded it on the site from a youtube-like site called Vimeo, using the link Vimeo provided.

    But we agree wholeheartedly with your praise. It is well earned. It was produced by someone with the University of Mississippi. The video is an impressive production, one we’ve watched several times ourselves. We’re glad you enjoyed it as well. Thanks.

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