Fiery Ron's Home Team BBQ, Downtown Charleston

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Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ on Williman St in Charleston, SC

At Home Team BBQ(s), one can find a variety of dishes made from fresh ingredients cooked from scratch. This includes everything from starters and salads to tacos, sides, sliders, sandwiches and wraps… highlighted with dry rubbed and slow smoked Pork, Ribs, Chicken, Turkey, Sausage, and Brisket…our own Redneck Pot Roast. Whether you choose the counter service at West Ashley or the table service on Sullivan’s Island, one will find the same great flavors and friendly customer service.

At any given time inside the Home Team pits, there could be over 700 lbs of pork butts, 150 racks of ribs, 300 half-chickens, and 800 chicken wings as well as corn, peppers, and mushrooms. Walk into the kitchen and the dust from gallons of dry rub being mixed can fill the air…the same dry rub that flavors all of our meats. The smell of house cured bacon can permeate the dining room as it slowly cools on the shelf.

Traditional southern sides could accompany any meal, or could become the main course on its own. Creamy stone ground grits, smoked gouda mac’n’cheese, collard greens, baked beans, and hash and rice all are available daily.

The experience is further enhanced at both locations…both modeled after the many honky-tonks and juke-joints found strewn throughout the southeastern United States. With a full schedule of national, regional, and local touring artists performing plenty of live blues, bluegrass, and americana/rock/country…there certainly is something for everyone.

The SC BBQ Association ranks Home Team BBQ among the elite of BBQ in SC, 100-mile BBQ: BBQ so good its worth driving 100 miles for.

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Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ
126 Williman St.
Charleston, SC United States