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Salsa Verde with Avocado for Pulled Pork

Published in Recipes - 0 Comments

Salsa Verde on a site about SC BBQ? Well, who said all the recipes had to be traditional? This recipe comes all the way from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where John Padgett helped open The Naked Pig BBQ, a southern BBQ restaurant. He told us the story of how it originated: “The salsa verde recipe […]

Pawleys Island Pulled Pork by Ryan Everhart

Published in Recipes - 1 Comment

Ryan Everhart, pitmaster at Carolina Charcoal Chicken, shares with us his Pawley’s Island Pulled Pork, a recipe so good you won’t even think about using sauce. Here is Ryan’s story: “I have always been inspired to create great food. My grandfather was a cook in the Navy and that always inspired me growing up and […]

Dad’s Mop Sauce

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Our second reader-submitted recipe is a vinegar-pepper mop sauce. The anonymous submission is used to baste (or “mop”) ribs during the cooking process. Cooks mop the meat with these sauces, which at once both cool and flavor the meat, and because the sauce is so thin, it penetrates to flavor deeply. We’re not sure if […]